What Are We Learning From Traveling the World


What Are We Learning From Traveling the World


If you’ve never travelled much, it can be awe-inspiring to talk with someone that does. They have a wisdom and understanding of the world that you can’t gain from camping at the local lake or staying at a condo in Florida. There is nothing more appealing than to get out of your comfort zone and to get out there to learn about the world and its cultures and realise that you are a newbie about life.

You may think what on earth are you learning from travelling the world.

You are in a beautiful French city and decided to go to have dinner at that nice restaurant down the street. At the table, you realise that the menu is in french and you do not know a word. What can you learn from this?

Travel is exciting and I am sure you will learn so much about our world. All you have to do is step out of your comfort zone and start exploring it.

You will be amazed by what the earth is providing for us.

It’s a wonderful world out there!

Explore it and respect it.


“We are all temporary visitors on earth, and we owe it to ourselves to never let any negative condition distract us from the beauty of life.” ― Edmond Mbiaka


Travelling Gives You A More Complete Picture Of The World.

What Are We Learning From Traveling the World

If personal growth is important to you, international travel can accelerate your development.

I love to travel and I am trying to go as much as I can, although it is being difficult at the moment with all the world travel restrictions,  Sometimes I think travelling taught me so much and I believe that somehow made me a better person. Most of the time, people are looking for the next travel just to take a break from a busy life and from a hectic work schedule. But, I believe that they should get excited to hug new experiences, to meet new people from other cultures and also to meet like-minded travellers.

” There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way and not starting”. ( Buddha) I may add another one: not learning from travelling the world. Without an understanding of other cultures, without communicating with new people, we as a human race will not survive. The more people are communicating between cultures the more peace we all feel.

Travel is an exciting activity in our life and also is our greatest teacher. Sometimes I find travelling pulling me out from my comfort zone and pushing me into unknown. Also, it helps me with my mental health. During all my travel, I have learned a lot of things, among which the following are the most important ones. 

Materialism Is Overrated

What Are We Learning From Traveling the World

When you travel abroad, it’s not easy to bring your guitar collection, BMW, and fine silverware with you. You quickly find that you can do just fine without all of the items you seem to love so much back home. You also see other people living perfectly happy lives with very little in the way of possessions.


We must learn to be more appreciative of the little things we possess. Simplicity can make us happier. I remember my trip to Morocco. Those kids were so happy only to see us. They were having a simple life and they did not have much,  but they seemed to be very happy with that.

Get back to the basics. All you need is a big smile, a caring heart and a strong will to be your best every day.

Just be thankful for what we have, for the loved one and for your friends. You don’t know how long they will be around. Just take a minute and think about what makes you happy and be thankful. Call your friends and family and talk with them. Invite them for a walk, or plan a holiday with them.

We take many things for granted, but there are people that walk 20-plus miles each day just for water. You can see people living with dirt floors or playing soccer with a ball made of rags.

There are a lot of people in the world that don’t have the basics needs met and still find themselves happy and fulfilled because they know to appreciate the people in their life, which matter more than any other luxury.

A few years back I had a bad ear infection and I had to have surgery. After a 20 year without pain and with a good hearing, now I have lost my hearing with 50%. Although, I am grateful to still hear, sometimes I struggle.  Then I remember that in the world are many who are not as lucky as me, and they do not have that amount of money to have surgery or to help them with a hearing device. In my travels, I saw people, young and old being deaf because they do not have money to go to see a doctor. So, as you see, all my travel experiences help me greatly to count my blessing when I struggle with anything in my personal life.

Go out there, make memories that will last you a lifetime. Good memories that will help you to count your blessings in times of struggle.

Remember to be respectful! Respect the people you meet, their beliefs, customs and values as well as respect the places you visit. This will be the starting point of your personal growth.

 It’s easy to forget how much of the world lives in a decent environment. When you travel, and you see people struggling don’t laugh or make fun of them. Imagine you being in their situation.

You may have a different understanding of life, but that doesn’t mean you should not be thankful for your family and friends who think differently from you. I remember being on a holiday in France, and I and my friend stopped in a small village for lunch. It was a small village and everybody are known to each other.

They were all nice to each other. And we asked them how come they are so close. An old man said to us: ” We have our faults which are overlooked and everyone pulled together. We talk about issues, we don’t blame each other and also we don’t look from up at those who are less fortunate and in the end everything is ok”. Isn’t this what all of us wants?


Different Cultures Have Different Priorities


What Are We Learning From Traveling the World

The best part of travelling is that you experience different cultures. This is what attracts me in my travels. Imagine visiting a new destination. All I want to do is to visit all the famous landmarks of the area like historic temples, palaces, ruins everything from the past. Then to try the cuisine, and even I am trying to speak their language. Also, I want to be part of their traditional festivals if possible.

While our western society values fame, fortune, possessions, and other forms of material success, many other societies have little concern for this sort of thing. Even that, if we speak to different people, rich or poor, they want the same thing: validation, love, security enjoyment, health, peace and a better future.

You’ll notice that some other countries can value things like friendship, family, religion, adventure, or comfort.

 Not to say that one is inherently better than the other, but differences do exist. You might find you like the idea of an afternoon siesta.

In the end, we all are the same and we all have something in common. Looking for happiness and good company, people that can put a smile on your face and fill your heart with peace and love.

Friends Can Be Found Anywhere

What Are We Learning From Traveling the World

You don’t have to limit your friends to those people you see five times a week. It’s possible to create and maintain friendships across the globe. It’s easy to stay in touch these days with all the technology available.

I have met unforgettable people on my travels which they become my faraway friends. I will always write them emails or getting in touch via Facebook ( everybody has Facebook these days). Making a new friend on the road is quite simple.  If you are friendly enough you could easily make friends with people from every culture possible. Don’t be a smart ass and be nice with everybody.

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Imagine meeting new people on your travels like meeting people at your new job, university course. It is the same when you meet people for the first time in your hotel lobby. What you do when you start your new job? You present your self to your new colleagues. You can do that with the people from the hotel room next to yours. Just start a banal conversation and from there you may have found your new friend.

You Learn To Be Flexible

What Are We Learning From Traveling the World

Most people don’t know how to be flexible in everyday life, are impatient, getting nervous on little things. When you travel, being flexible and patient is one of the best lessons.

Many things are less reliable than in the western world. From bus schedules to electricity, it’s not uncommon to have your plans disrupted on a daily basis. You will learn to be more flexible and creative. You can even bring that new skill at home with you.

When you get to a new country, with different cultures and different lifestyle things may happen. The bus may break down, the train is delayed because some cows are on the train track, the road is blocked because of some rocks, severe flood down the road and you can not pass it because it is too dangerous, or you just got lost and you do not know where you are because wi-fi is not working? Well, these things may happen so it is ok for you to slow down and try to find an alternative way out. You do not have to do as you planned at home. Sometimes, we need to go baby steps to reach our destination.

In the meantime, just sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of your travel.

And remember what was mentioned earlier. Now would be the best time to seize the opportunity and start communicating, engage with the locals, make new friends among other visitors. However, do not forget to listen to your gut about safety and follow your common sense instincts.

You Waste A Lot Of Time

What Are We Learning From Traveling the World

Another lesson that I have learned in my travels is to not waste my time staying in my hotel room watching tv or to stay on my phone. I bet that when you’re travelling, you won’t want to spend your time staring at your smartphone or watching TV.

You’ll want to be out living and experiencing the local scene. Some landscape views and the beauty of mother nature will take your breath away. The world is big, beautiful and is waiting for you to visit it and there are so many places to explore. This thought should urge you to take a step further and go travelling to experience what the world has to offer.

 You’ll realise how much time you have wasted back home doing things that provide little value to you.

Being Able To Travel Is A Privilege

What Are We Learning From Traveling the World

Travelling can be a spectacular thing.

You’ll also find people on your journey that travel a lot more than you do. Few places work even close to the hours and weeks we do. There are also people that have never travelled outside their town.

As far as everybody knows, anybody can travel. But I came to realise, that some people do not travel. They do not have that luxury. They do not have money or time.

While cultures can differ considerably, many things are the same. People love their children regardless of what country they’re in. Everyone is striving to be happy and to find meaning in their life.

The important things are the same wherever you go.


Your perspective of the world will change if you get out of the country and visit someplace new. Different people and societies can teach you a lot about the world and yourself.

It can be expensive to travel internationally, but it’s worth the expense. Begin saving today for a trip that can be fun and might change your life.

Embrace travel. Go explore.

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain

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