Walking Tips


Walking tips

We think that within each topic the ‘tips’ section is a must. You cannot always or ever know everything there is about a particular area so we like to share, especially our thoughts and finds about walking travel adventures.

We, as human beings, have the ability to be unique and to understand the same environment in different ways digesting the information we receive within our own value and knowledge. Therefore, we think it is great to share our personal view and hope that will inspire you or at least make you say: ‘Hm, did not see it like that’ or ‘Hm, that is another way to look at it’ or even better ‘Hm, that sounds great….I should try it’.

Although we are fans of well-researched knowledge, we also love to include and/or explore folklore information because, let’s be honest, many many many years ago the folklore data was the today’s research data. Also, the folklore tips are natural and easy so it is worth having a look at it.

This section will cover things like ‘how to start walking routine’ or ‘gear you need for your trips’, outfits ideas and many more. Check it out, it only takes a few minutes and you won’t regret it.