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Talking About Women Shoes 

You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet. — Christian Dior Click To Tweet

We like to believe that each minute of our life is an adventure, therefore each day we spend, no matter where and how, can bring us joy and happiness.

We created this website especially to help and inspire people with ideas when looking for new adventures, but also point out tips about appropriate gear for walking. Your shoes are the most important factor in a smooth walk.

Today’s society encourages us to walk as much as possible whether for saving the environment or to fight obesity and other illnesses by staying fit. Therefore, we are all looking for the perfect walking shoes no matter the reason. We want them trendy, walking shoe stylish but above all, we want them the most comfortable walking shoes that we’ll keep our feet healthy and happy. Nonetheless, must be multi functional, urban as much as the country.

So, What Are Walking Shoes?

Walking shoes for me are shoes that can be worn for anything: from a stroll in the park, hiking, running after the bus or going out with friends for fun to a more formal use such as an office or other gathering wear.

Whether we are talking about walking shoes men or walking shoes for women, the common feature wanted are their flexibility, durability and waterproof capability.

After which, there are the added personal choices such as some might look for walking shoes wide fit to suit their feet properly or just because they want extra room for their feet to feel comfortable. Others are hunters of good bargain and look in a more general way such as walking shoe go outdoor, walking shoe on sale or walking shoe cheap.  

When I wanted to buy walking shoes and searched for it online the answers always came back featuring the outdoors type only. But what I meant for walking shoes were every type that is trendy, smart and comfortable to wear on a couple of miles at least, more of commuter shoe types. I love walking and I know how important is for health, therefore I wanted to be able to walk to the train station, bus, shops and work without suffering but also looking trendy.

The Shoes Are Made For Walking!

I believe, everyone of us, at some point in life, happened to buy a pair of shoes they really like, only to end up wearing them once or not all because they were killing their feet.

We are all aware of the damages that a bad fitted shoe could cause to our feet, some of the damages even being permanent, so we must tread with great care when purchasing new shoes. Try to go for the best, the ones that your feet love to be in.

Although, the shoe type preferences are so individual and unique, I wanted to share my list of women walking shoes built after a lengthy research.

So without further ado, I present to you my list of walking shoes which I found stylish, comfortable and diverse to suit various tastes and occasions

My Personalised List Of Women Walking Shoes

  1. Sandals are essential must-have summer shoes. For women, they go very well with every wear, from the holiday look to the office wear. According to research, a slightly elevated heel offers the support needed for feet to be comfortable when walking or standing. Avoid the very flat once as those will make your feet tired after long wear. Also, look for the adjustable straps as they will give you extra comfort. Block heels and wedges are very comfortable choices. Look for walking shoe stylish.
  2. Pumps are a very popular choice of casual, comfort and fashionable shoe wear in the last decade, among women. Are good matches for work wear as well as paired with weekends and nights out attire. You can find them in a wide variety of colours, shape and design so you can pick a more conservative look to a very funky style depending on your personality. Most of them tend to be very flat so choose the one with a slight elevation for extra comfort. Check out walking shoe on sale for a good bargain, especially half way season time.
  3. Court shoes are a must-have item in every women wardrobe. They are the perfect choice for formal gatherings such as workplaces or weddings but also can be paired with a more casual look bringing your style a more polished appearance. Walking shoe stylish should always be on your agenda.
  4. Loafers are very comfortable and casual slip-on shoes. Most of them are flat with a small block heel but can also be found with a wedged or platform heel. They are most favoured at the workplace as they go very well with the office attire but also for their great comfort and fit. They are popular among both sexes so look for them in walking shoes men category, as well as walking shoes for women.
  5. Brogues usually fasten with laces and have low block heel. Their good support and also their formal and polish aspects make them very popular within the workplace and not only. Although this shoe style is very popular in the men’s market, lately it has seen a considerable rise in women’s fashion too. Therefore is good to check them out in both categories: walking shoes men and walking shoes for women.
  6. Canvas shoes come in a variety of colours, patterns and style. They can be slip-on or laced up and it’s a more casual style of a similar group of shoes mentioned above the pumps. Half way season or/and end of season are a good time to look to replace your favourite canvas shoes, as among other style, you can find these walking shoes on sale. 
  7. Trainers are the best choice of shoes when exercising. They can be in a wide variety of shapes and material based on the type of exercise you are interested in or simply if you want them as fashion wear. From a high-intensity exercise such as running to a more meditative one like yoga, or as simple as walking trainers will give you the support and comfort needed to enjoy your time.
  8. Ankle boots are classic style wear in office surroundings as well as an everyday item upgrading easily your style and helping your look transition quickly from a day to night selection. The comfort they offer makes them the go-to shoes for the winter and autumn seasons but can also be used in summer days as they go well with shorts and minis. They can be pull-on’s, zipped, buckled or lace up and they’re sole come in different shapes such as flat, wedged, heeled or platform. My favourite is the Chelsea ankle boots as they can be used as formal and casual wear giving you stylish attire no matter the occasion. Again look for these walking shoe cheap as they be on big sales at the end of season.
  9. Calf boots are a good choice for a much colder or wetter season. They are taller than the ankle boots but they come in the same variety of style and sole types. They are very popular choice of walking shoe go outdoor.
  10. Wellington Boots are a must-have an item which is perfect for the rainy summer days as well as the cold winter snow keeping your feet dry and happy. They range from a very simple and basic design to more posh looking versions which make them perfectly suitable to wear even in more formal gatherings such as a wedding or parties if one insists of having it outdoors no matter the weather. These boots are one of the most popular for the English weather especially because they are walking shoes waterproof. They can be both walking shoes for women as well as walking shoes men.
  11. Outdoor footwear includes everything from sandals to boots and in my opinion, their main features to check out are their comfort, durability, sole and waterproof quality. Their sole type is very important to check out because depends on very much for the type of activity you will be using them for. For example, the climbing shoe soles incorporate characteristics that make them solid, grippe and non-slippery to offer you the support needed, whereas the simple walking shoes are softer and lighter based for more comfort and appropriate to your need. Walking shoe go outdoor is one gear that anyone of us must have.

Characteristics Of Comfy Walking Shoes For Women

Besides the characteristics of the walking shoes mentioned above, there are few more features to check out when looking for the comfiest walking shoes and these are:

  • Comfort and fit – look for shoes that balance style and comfort. Choose wide style so your toes will have enough room to be comfortable.
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Provide good shock absorption
  • A slightly elevated heel and ankle support

Also, as mentioned earlier, the walking shoe go outdoor does not only need to have durability, flexibility and waterproof attributes but also they can be walking shoe stylish.

All you need is patient and a good research to familiarise yourself with the current market offerings.

Also, some shoe marketers today are offering the possibility to customise the shoe to your wants and needs. So you can combine the colours you like and add them to particular areas of the shoe, and many more features. Type on Google ‘customise your own shoes’ and a large number of shoe makers that offer this option will appear in your search.

Remember, do not rush when purchasing the most important gear for walking. You will walk in them maybe during the whole day, so they must be perfect for you – aesthetically but also as comfort.

So, take your time: YOU ARE  WORTH IT !!!

My Favourite Urban Heel Types

My personal favourite urban heel type is the wedge heel. A wedge heel is more comfortable than any other high heel and besides comfort can also give you a sophisticated look when choosing an elegant wedge. The wedge that runs only to the middle of the foot can seem too chunky to go with most of the outfits. So look for the once that the wedge heel goes down from the back of the shoe to the front under the toes which gives much more elegance and goes with nearly anything (except the evening gowns – you really need high heels for that). You can pair them with dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans and smart trousers and you will not only be comfortable in your shoes but also present a stylish look.

My second favourite is the block heel, especially for the boots as it gives the shoe that mixture of casual and formal look making it easy to combine it with a variety of outfits. Also, the block structure gives you stability, comfort and support which makes it the ideal pick for commuting, work and pleasure whereabouts.

Final Thoughts

As we are all unique we need to choose the shoes that are most fit for us, so remember to choose the shoes that are right for you to prevent injuries (blisters and calluses) and keep your feet happy and healthy. As I mentioned before, there is a wide variety of trendy walking shoes for women who offer not only a good look but also great support and comfort for our feet.

Also, remember to check out the latest options with customise your shoes feature to enjoy not only purchasing the greatest shoes for you but also contribute to its unique design. – Design by you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article and that it was helpful and inspiring.

Please, if you like what you have read, share this article so other people can benefit from it.

Until next time

Oana & Paula

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