Unforgettable Weekend Breaks In Dublin



Weekend Breaks In Dublin


Dublin is now a truly cosmopolitan capital, with an influx of people, energy, and ideas infusing the ever-beguiling, multi-layered city with fresh flavours and kaleidoscopic colours. Click To Tweet

Few places around the world lend a friendlier hand than Dublin. The Emerald Isle offers wonderful hospitality, complemented by its warm and friendly hosts. A cosmopolitan city, Dublin is rightly proud of its rich heritage, but also presents a modern face in keeping with contemporary culture. Choosing a weekend break in Dublin, it is perfect you could have once a year.

Only a short flight away, could give you an unforgettable weekend, away from the daily routine, and fuelled with energy on your return home. Whether you are looking for cultural exchange, a lovely stroll on the beautiful historic streets or amazing parks and gardens or you are only looking for good entertainment, Dublin is one of the best places to be.

Of course, let’s not forget about the biggest nation celebration: St. Patrick’s Day. I personally believe that the St. Patrick’s weekend is the best time to visit, as the city streets are filled with the well known green decorations, hats and outfits which gives the city an absolutely distinctive and unique look.

Also, let’s remember the famous Guinness family and their impact on shaping the city which is today, from its brewery to the donated green spaces, but also using their political influence for the benefits of Irish people.


Dublin Walking

Weekend Breaks In Dublin


More than anything I love Dublin’s intimacy. It’s really just a big capital village, were going for a walk is as much an opportunity for socialising as actually making an arrangement to meet someone. Click To Tweet  Click here for the quote source

No matter the time of the year you choose, even Visiting Dublin in February or looking for Things to do in Dublin in November, walking around Downtown Dublin Ireland is one of the greatest activities you could do. You can have a relaxed stroll around, with lots of shops to get shelter if the rain starts or cafes if you want to rest before continuing your exploration.

Explore Dublin on Foot as it is the best way to visit Dublin. With a focus on Dublin’s past, this walk covers the principal sites south of the plantations expansive O’Connell Bridge.

Start at the College Green west of Bank Ireland building and finish at St. Stephens Green.

Time: Allow a minimum of three hours, not including visits within guided tours or buildings, but you can admire the Landmarks in Dublin from outside.

Take a moment to admire the Bank of Ireland on College Green, which was completed in 1739.

Next stop is at one of Dublin’s best-known landmarks: Trinity College. Some known people to attend the college were Samuel Beckett and playwrights Oliver Goldsmith. Cobbled and trinity’s lawns quads provide a haven from the city’s hearth. The major attractions are the Book of Kells and the Old Library, an oak-shelved 18th-century room that hosts the book which was written by monks, Trinity College is Dublinís oldest university, built-in 1592.

Exit walk to Dame St from College Green and from the front of the Trinity complicated and west passing is The Olympia Theatre – dating back into the 1800 s, this music hall-style theatre has a capacity of 1,240 people. As a variation, after programs bands are featured for your late-night audience.

Across the street is Dublin City Hall, which was erected between 1769 and 1779, and previously was the Royal Exchange. Since 1852, however, it’s been the centre of the municipal government.


The interior is designed as a circle inside a square, with fluted columns supporting a dome-shaped roof over your central hall. The building contains many items of curiosity, including 102 royal cards and mace and sword of the city.

Weekend Breaks In Dublin


Adjacent to City Hall is Dublin Castle which was built between 1208 and 1220 and represents one of the oldest surviving architecture within the city. Highlights include the thirteenth Century record tower, the biggest visible fragment of the original Norman castle and the State Apartments, once the residence of viceroys and now the focus for government ceremonial purposes, including the inauguration of Ireland’s presidents.

Weekend Breaks In Dublin


At this stage, Dame St takes on the name of Lord Ed St and leads to Christ Church Cathedral. Standing on a hill in the oldest part of the city, this cathedral is one of Dublin best historic buildings.

It’s the oldest building which dates back nearly one thousand years to 1038. It was built courtesy of the invading Vikings, a monument to serve a powerful army.

Only the transepts, the crypt, and a few other parts are dating from the middle ages times. Highlights of the interior include spectacular stonework and graceful pointed arches, with finely chiselled supporting columns. Strongbow himself is among the historical figures buried in the church.

Across the street in the former Synod Hall, you can visit Dublinia – The Dublinia exhibition covers the formative period of Dublin’s history from the arrival of the Anglo-Normans in 1170 to the closure of the monasteries in the 1540 s.

Continue towards St. Patrick’s Park and Cathedral for an angelic choir singing before heading to the St. Stephen’s Green Park to complete the walking route.


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Other Places You Must Visit in Dublin

  • St James Gate Brewery to learn what it takes to make beer ‘The Guinness Way’.
  • Guinness Storehouse is one of the most popular attractions in Dublin. You can choose to visit it around launch or dinner time and taste some of the finest food along with tasting a variety of drinks. From the Gravity Bar, you can take pleasure in a 360-degree sight of Dublin.
  • From Guinness Storehouse you can take a half an hour walk to one of the hidden gems of the city, the Iveagh Gardens for a lovely stroll in nature, enjoying cascade and fountains, wilderness woodlands, a maze, and many more. Iveagh Gardens also is known as Dublin’s ‘Secret Garden’ is a public park since 1939, when Rupert Guinness, the second Lord Iveagh had donated the park to the people of Ireland. It is located just south of the Stephen’s Green Park.
  • Ha’penny Bridge or Liffey Bridge, as it crosses over the Liffey River, is an 1800s pedestrian bridge landmark and a city symbol.
  • The Spire or the Monument of Light is a pin-like stainless steel structure, 120 m in height and is placed on O’Connell Street.

Dublin Insider Tips

If you are not a big fan of walking, or due to certain restrictions such as health, age, time or you just rather choose an easier and/or faster way to visit then the Dublin Hop on-off Bus might be a very good option for you. The bus not only takes you to the city’s iconic places but also gives you a narrated history of the places for relatively an affordable fee, of around 25 Euro, more or less, depending on the company you choose.

Furthermore, using the bus gives you the opportunity to hop off anytime you want to visit a particular place and hop on the next bus when you are done exploring.

You might also consider purchasing a Dublin Pass which is a sightseeing card that allows you not only access to the hop on hop off bus but also free access to over 30 of the most popular Dublin’s attraction such as monuments and museums but also discounts on other offers and dinning.

When planning your trip you can Visit Dublin Blogs, Travel Guide for Dublin Ireland websites to find out important things to know about Dublin or Why Dublin is Interesting and to see why is Dublin worth visiting. 

Once you have decided to visit the city, it is time to think of how many days to see Dublin you will need.

Luckily, with today’s technology, you have the option to download visit Dublin app to help you navigate easily during your trip. Otherwise, you can consider purchasing Lonely Planet map of Dublin or stop by Dublin Tourism Office (once you are there) to see what they can offer.

Visiting Dublin at Christmas time

Planning to visit Ireland over the season? You are in luck as there are lots to do in Dublin in December.

Dublin provides a distinctive experience for holidaymakers and travellers alike. Dublin has an atmosphere at this time of year and many sights to see.

Let us guide you!

We might share thoughts for what to do with your family, or what to see on the trip.


Weekend Breaks In Dublin


For example, Christmas Market at Georges Dock between 12 and 23 December. The 12 days of Christmas marketplace with tens of thousands of Christmas presents, you may potentially be taking at least one home with you. This Christmas festival is sure to get rid of all the products available in all the marketplace and you will be guaranteed to find some souvenirs for friends, family and yourself.

The market increases in size and popularity every year among locals and tourists alike. Entertainment is put on inclusive of sing and customs, among others.


Weekend Breaks In Dublin

Dublin Lights Ceremony is a huge attraction with the activity crossing some 17 streets over the festive season. This event in itself draws an enormous crowd from every corner of Ireland; they come into the capital town to see the lights lit up in style.

For the kids, there are also many loved one’s friendly events, which your kids will no doubt love.

The Ark Christmas in the Ark is a particular time and is an amazing place to visit with children as the ark is a cultural centre built specifically for children. The Ark provides workshops to help develop kid’s artistic side while having a good time at the same moment.

Over the Christmas period, they usually provide a professional display along with themed workshops for the youngsters. Even when you do not have youngsters yourself you may still enjoy the environment and appreciate the young people’s talent.


Weekend Breaks In Dublin

Ice Skating in Dublin is another opportunity to have a wonderful time together with the entire family, or your friends, wrapped up hot and full of excitement.
There are various purposed placed ice rinks within Dublin, where one may have a little skate. Some ice rinks have special areas only for kids so that they can learn along with gain confidence without worrying about lots of grown-up skaters knocking them.

Every one of the events mentioned above will be sure hits for you or your family and friends.

St Patrick’s Weekend Break

Weekend Breaks In Dublin

Each year, March seventeenth’s day heralds the start of celebrations through Ireland – and the world to remember Saint Patrick, the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland.

Saint Patrick is credited with introducing Christianity in Ireland with most of what is known about him being drawn from his two works the Confession, a spiritual autobiography, and Epistola.

There is no certainty about why St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March seventeenth, though there is a common belief that this is the date on which he died.

Most men and women attend mass to offer prayers for missionaries worldwide as it is a holiday.

It’s typical for companies to close on St Patrick’s Day.

Then why not visit Dublin and journey to the core of all the actions, if you’re considering celebrating St Patrick’s Day in style?

There is plenty to see and take part in while celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Dublin adding a feeling of credibility. The celebration to take place in the St Patrick’s Festival.

The festival lasts over six days and provides a selection of events and attractions that are of interest. The festival parade takes place on St Patrick’s Day itself, also is a conventional type of event that each the family can enjoy.

In the run-up to the afternoon, you will find various music also film events, as well as cultural highlights, carnivals, street performers, comedy also family centred activities, such as a funfair and treasure hunt.

The fun does not stop when the sun goes down either, as there are most evening activities to keep you occupied. Ireland’s national holiday is definitely enjoyed in design with parties, parades and celebratory events. Spread over several days with about 4000 performers and one million people, it is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss.

What is more, many of the events taking place are totally free, so you may still enjoy the festivities when on a budget. If you want to take a break from the St Patrick’s Day parties and wish to explore the city itself, you will not be stuck for choices.

Dublin’s elegant Georgian terraces merit further investigation, while the museums provide further insights into the history of the country.

The cosy and welcoming bars of Dublin is renowned and also provide a nice break from the city streets.

Obviously, as with any vacation, it can prove beneficial to plan your trip well in advance.

Among the ways to get across the water is by taking among the numerous Irish ferries that sail into Ireland, which can provide a nice smooth journey while you anticipate the celebrations to come.

Good To Know

When a treaty was signed between England and Ireland that handed Irish Ireland, Dublin Castle has been the middle of British Rule in Ireland from 1800 until 1922.

A lot of the construction today dates back from the eighteenth century, although there is a castle which dates back to the twelfth century. In a historical sense this Castle has served in many of guises within its history, by the seat of the Lordship of Ireland, the Kingdom of Ireland into the middle of British Rule from Ireland to its existing function as an attraction for tourist and political construction.

Ireland’s president is inaugurated from Dublin castle and during this EU’s presidency, the castle has been utilised. As mentioned earlier, the Castle is located along Dame Street from Dublin Centre and creates a complex of courtyards and buildings that date from times in history.

The courtyards are covered in stone and a number of the streets are steeped in history. The castle is home to a number of the architecture in Dublin. Make certain to visit Dublin Castle where you’ll be able to bring a tour of the castle that will take from the State Undercroft Apartments and Chapel Royal if you are planning to visit Dublin.

From the moment I landed in Dublin, I felt as if the Irish people, and the land itself, said, 'Welcome, chara! Come away here - walk the streets and fields, smell the sea, accept the smiles of friendly faces. Be at peace.' Click To Tweet.


Many of us are very fond of St. Patrick and/or Guinness and probably when we hear Dublin we automatically think of at least these two things. Imagine how incredibly fun would be to actually explore the city and be part of the festival or just enjoy a piece of history.

Why delay it?

Be inspired by the tips offered above and start your own unique adventure. Whether you decide to go on your own, with your family or simply inviting a couple of friends to join you for a weekend the visit would promise you a great time.

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  1. This is really great, I have heard about Dublin Ireland from some of my friends who travelled to the city to celebrate the St Patrick’s day. They talked about the parade and how it was so colourful. I think I’m going to take a trip there and see for myself too. It has alot of history embedded in its buildings. Great place to go for holiday. I’m really eager to try out the ice skating too. I most definitely go to Dublin.

    1. Hi Henderson

      I am really pleased that you got inspired by the article and really hope you will visit Dublin soon as it it an amazing place. Thank you so much for your comment and hope you’ll continue checking our website for updates.


  2. Visiting Ireland (and of course Dublin) is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things and seen such beautiful travel photos when friends go for a visit. 

    I’m a big fan of walking around a city, as it’s a great way to take in the sights, sounds, smells and culture.

    Although I’m sure that the lights ceremony is gorgeous, I prefer warmer weather, so I plan to visit in Summer. I am also looking forward to the long days at that time of year. 

    Thanks for sharing so much insight about how to enjoy a walking tour around the city. 

    1. Hi Aly

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  3. Dublin is definitely on the list and thanks to this post I have to do nothing but organize the trip. The post is full of useful tips on places to visit in the different times of the year. Many thanks to Oana and Paula for sharing their experience and giving me a great idea for the Christmas present to give to my wife (I got very involved in this part).

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  4. Dublin is a beautiful city and the Irish are very friendly people.  Love the place. The Dublin castle is absolutely breathtaking. So beautifully lite at night. 

    The Guinness brewery is an unforgettable place to visit. The first free beer they give you is worth the price of admission. The views from the top are spectacular…it’s a 360 panoramic view of Dublin which is an amazing site. 

    Their Christmas market is incredibly beautiful and so well organized.  The variety of shopping booths are wonderful.  Plenty of eats there also. 

    The on- and off-bus is a great way to see the city also.  

    Great recommendations and a wonderful review of all to see in town…thank you for your thorough article. 

    1. Hi Tim

      Thank you so much for your comment. It seems like you know Dublin very well, so your remark means a lot.


  5. Hello! I actually loved your website, and wished i could read more about other beautiful places too like Dublin, although i have never left the shores of my home country, some day soon i will be travelling and also visit Dublin.

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    The only thing for me to decide now is to visit in the summer as I love the warm weather, or visit at christmas and enjoy the christmas lights!


  7. I have a couple of Army buddies who was lucky enough to travel to Dublin. I really wished I would have gone. There is so much to see and I never realized how beautiful it is.

    I would be very interested in visiting Christ Church Cathedral. I would enjoy so much just walking and exploring for hours upon hours. You have made me feel like I am almost there with the beautiful images.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I’m actually looking to go to Ireland next year so this post is a great read and it gives good tips for things to see and do. I think I’ll go late March so I’ll just miss out on St Patrick’s Day, unfortunately. I visited Dublin for a day about 10 years ago and I really enjoyed it. I did a free walking tour so I was able to see a lot and learn a lot of the history as well. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to returning.
    PS I enjoyed the quotes that you included too 🙂

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    Thanks very much for an excellent article! You have really worked hard in putting this one together. It explains everything in adequate detail. The pictures are very enticing. And you have really brought Dublin to life in this article!

    Forget my ignorance: some countries have embassies in both London and Dublin. So, is Dublin / Ireland not part of the UK? If I touch down in London first, would there be extra arrangements needed by way of visas, to proceed to Dublin?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. I have always wanted to visit Ireland, I visited the U.K. Last time but did not have to budget to go to Ireland but this time when all of this chaos is over I will visit for sure and especially Dublin. I live in NYC and we also celebrate St. Patrick’s day because most Irish immigrants moved here but I am sure it will be an awesome experience to celebrate it there. All my friends swear to me that Guinness tastes different there and way much better. I also want to try all the amazing whiskeys as well.

    Thanks for the itinerary, I will keep in mind to walk around and enjoy the scenery. I will not miss Guinness store house for sure. Lol Thanks for the tips about the pass!, will do that. 

    1. Hi there

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      I do not drink alcohol, but my friends told me that Guinness from Ireland tastes different. 

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