Tips On How Walking Can Help You Lose Weight


walking workout to lose weight

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No matter the season, age, sex or place of residence, we are all concerned and care about our weight.


Whether it is because of healthy reasons or just because our physical appearance, loosing weight was probably at least once in the thoughts of most of us.


Carrying the extra pounds can put lots of pressure on our personal life as it not only affects our health but also the way we look, compromising our self confidence and leading to other mental health problems such as depression and many more.


Therefore, it is crucial for you and for your wellbeing to plan and start a walking workout to lose weight as soon as possible.


Of course, we can all appreciate that it is easier said than done, and that we are all so excited and determined to sketch a walking plan to lose weight and start as soon as possible a walking workout to lose weight, but it is much harder to keep yourself motivated, especially if the results are showing slowly.


Do not worry!!!!


We have all been there.


In this article we want to help you with some ideas to get you started but also we’ll talk about the importance of loosing weight for your physical but also your mental health. Furthermore, we’ll offer some tips for walking to lose weight and some lifestyle changes to support your walking plan to lose weight and walking workout to lose weight.


So enjoy your reading and take notes.


You Must Lose Weight


  • Being overweight increases your chances for heart disease, strokes and diabetes.
  • Being overweight can cause more of some type of cancer than smoking.
  • Being overweight affects negatively your self-confidence and might lead to social awkwardness.
  • Being overweight affects greatly your state of mind and might lead to depression.
  • Being overweight puts a lot of pressure on your legs and affects your blood circulation and also might lead to varicose veins.

As you can can see, from the list above, the negative impact that extra weight can have on you and your life is huge and without YOU taking control of your life and doing something about it the things will only get worse.


Without care, this issues will only snowball slowly each day and without any notice one day it might get so big that it will be out of control and very hard to contain.


Therefore, it is crucial for your sake to start doing something about your weight and keep the health problems away from you.


How Can Walking Help You To Lose Weight?


Walking is an overlooked and fantastic type of decreasing weight. So, start walking to lose weight.


It is low impact for those that find exercises such as jogging to be too demanding on their body, while enabling you to form and tone stomach and leg muscles.


It also gives a great jump start to your metabolic process, meaning after walking you’ll be reducing weight by doing nothing. So again, it is a good exercise to lose weight fast.


With that, there is just so much weight reduction you could reach by stopping, winding along the bay and looking at the ships. What you’re looking to do is shed weight by walking, not enjoy the views, some might say.


But I personally recommend considering the views as well as walking, because if you are like me, enjoying the view might be one of the motivators to get you out of the house.


This Is Why You Should Have A Walking Plan To Lose Weight!


All you need to do now is get informed about the benefits of walking in shedding off those extra pounds.


Then you need to put together a walking plan to lose weight. Weigh and measure yourself and decide how much you want to lose; what is the best weight for your body, for your height. Write down the numbers and start planning.


Professionals recommend 30-90 min daily brisk walking for weight loss.  But this amount of time might put off some people, especially the beginners, therefore it is better to have an internet search for couple of ideas to get more inspiration and help you choose the best plan for you.


For example, Women’s Day website recommend a 21 day plan starting with a 10 min a day walk and gradually increasing for up to 40 min a day.❗👉 Check out their suggestion here.


After you sorted out your walking plan to lose weight, you need to start the walking workout to lose weight.


Start small, even if you walk 2 mile each day for the first week means a lot, and it is much better than sitting on the sofa. Somehow it is better to start with baby steps until you get into the routine, than to start big and after 3 days you give up because you feel exhausted.  You need to give time to your body to adjust to the changes so start small (2 mile if you are a beginner) and gradually add miles to your journey.


Respect your body and listen to it.


Keep yourself motivated. Do not give up. Try and use visual aids to help you determined, such as stick on the walls or/and refrigerator door pictures with you when you were in good shape, or pictures of people you admire for their look and try to imagine yourself as often as possible being at that desired weight.


The great feeling that positive thinking brings into your life will help you with your motivation – so give it a try, you will be surprised by the results.


Reducing Weight By Walking


How do you go about reducing weight walking? By following a few tips:


1. Walk in a way that your waist is moving – worth a bit of arm waving, as well, we would say!


walking workout to lose weight


2. Walking uphill helps you tone your body  – and lose weight faster than walking on the flat.


walking workout to lose weight


Walking has a number of advantages which might be gathered, whether walking on the flat or a mountain mile. If you choose the hill or mountain route your pulse uphill increases, calories burning are increased by it and it builds and tones muscles in exactly the thighs and bum places.


Therefore you are far more prone to shed weight walking upwards, though you can be given weight reduction advantages by walking on the flat, as well.


3. Walk before breakfast – Scientific research has shown that walking before breakfast might help you burn off calories simply up to 30% more than if you attempt to shed weight by walking after ingestion.


walking workout to lose weight


With the added advantage your metabolic process may have begun earlier in the day, giving your weight-loss a greater increase. Does not mean you might have that huge fry up though.


4. Walking briskly is better than a stroll.


walking workout to lose weight


We know you’re looking to shed fat by walking, but you still need to push yourself more than if you had been strolling along with ice cream.

Do not break in a jog, but attempt to keep yourself moving at some brisk pace to receive the maximum advantage from walking and ensuring greater weight reduction.


5. Uneven walking surface.


walking workout to lose weight


No, we are not attempting to trip you up, but the uneven ground will assist you to walk off the weight. Having to continuously correct yourself burns off calories at a faster rate than you’d get on flat ground.

Let yourself explore the countryside and towards the grass or gravel paths.

Let yourself explore the countryside and you will be able to lose an additional 10 – 15% of your already significant calorie loss.


6. Attitude and perseverance are exactly the keys to weight success reduction. 


walking workout to lose weight


Of course, as always, we want to emphasize the uniqueness of each of us so the above guidance is only as a planning and starting reference.


Different Walking Styles


When walking you must aim for a correct and safe technique in order to achieve weight loss goals. A good technique not only increases the efficiency of your walk, thus increasing the fat burning but also minimizes the chances of injury.



Keep In Mind


The most important thing is for you to be safe, happy and enjoy it. If you do not like a brisk walk or your age or health does not allow it to go at your own pace.


Every step forward counts, although steps backwards are even better for some muscles to be toned.


So let’s just say every step in any direction is a step towards the toned, slim and healthy body you are aiming for.


Do not forget your smile, positive attitude and perseverance. Do not trick yourself with the rainy day or the gloomy sky but instead dress properly in accordance with the weather and keep going. What a better way to light up the day than a nice walk in the morning.


Team up with a buddy or walk alone. When you share time with somebody you enjoy is a great motivator but also, walking alone must not be discouraging. It might be the perfect time to plan your day in your mind, reflect on your life or simply relax and quite your mind.


Lifestyle Changes To Help You Loose Weight


Before finishing this article I would also like to talk about some of the lifestyle changes you could make to complement your walking and to help with your weight loss.


Try to adjust your eating habit. Eat smaller portions and more often so you wont feel hungry but also not over full. Every 2 or 3 hours would be ideal to have something to eat. For example:


8 am: Breakfast   – 10 am: Snack –  1 pm: Launch – 3 pm: Snack – 6 pm: Dinner


Snacks are very important as they can give you energy to go through the day before feeling hungry, so you will feel energised form one meal to the next.


For snacks try having healthy choices such as: fresh fruits and vegetables or dried fruits.


Drink daily at least 2 litres of still water, as the water is the best drink. Specialists said that most of the times when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty, therefore it is very important to keep yourself hydrated to avoid overeating unnecessarily.


When you feel hungry have a glass of water, if you are still hungry after that then you should have something to it – but most of the time you will notice that once you drank the water the hungry feeling is gone.


Changing the way you eat, eating healthier and more organised will help you greatly with your walking as you will feel lighter to walk.


Give up alcohol or at least reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. It has been proven that alcohol increases your weight, but also in this case might affect your motivation  and you are more likely to quit or skip your walking workout to lose weight.


Incorporate yoga or other gentle stretches in your daily life, before and after your walks. Personally I find them great. I created this habit that while I watch a movie I do yoga stretches on the floor (there are so many commercial breaks during a movie that it just the right amount of time to sort out your stretching exercises).  In this way, I feel even greater because I did not wasted 2 hours a day only to watch a movie. So do not forget and try to multitask.


I totally recommend stretches and I am sure (based on my experience) that will help you greatly in your walks as are very good for the blood circulation. I started doing them because somebody recommended me when I complained about heavy legs especially walking up the stairs. My legs, especially from knee down were going numb while climbing stairs. Once I started yoga stretches I could feel the pressure vanishing and my legs were getting lighter each time.


Keep moving. Avoid seating for more than 1 hour at one time. Even if inside keep moving, avoid the sofa, put on some motivational and feel good music and dance on your way from one room to the other; if watching TV, at every TV break get up and have a walk around, or better yet try sitting on an exercise ball instead of the sofa so you will find yourself moving and strengthening your core while watching TV. Also, if or while watching TV do stretches to avoid grabbing unnecessary snacks.


Try and stay outdoor as much as possible. In this way, not only you will find yourself always on the go but also, keeping yourself busy you will avoid those moments when you were eating without being hungry but just out of boredom or just being near the kitchen.


Organise your house to stay busy and avoid overeating or being on the couch. In this way, you are not only aiding your walking to lose weight but also you will boost your self esteem via a sense of achievement.




For best results in weight loss combine walking with eating healthy and lots of laughter. When your body is nourished and your soul is happy then the extra weight will shed faster.


I really hope that you found this article useful and full of great ideas. And remember, start small and build up slowly.


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Until next time,

Oana & Paula

2 Replies to “Tips On How Walking Can Help You Lose Weight”

  1. Hi Paula
    Thanks for this reminder about the importance of walking for weight loss and weight maintenance. The art of walking for fitness seems to have fallen by the wayside and has been eclipsed by running and other cardio activity, but I really prefer to walk. It’s much gentler on my ageing joints and as long as I keep a consistent brisk pace, I get as much ‘huff and puff’ as I need!
    I really love to walk along the beach – the fresh air, sound of crashing waves and sand beneath my feet just make me feel great! Its a great workout too 🙂

  2. I love walking but until now I didn’t think that I could lose weight by these simple tips. I don’t like walking uphill, to be honest – probably because it’s tiring; yes, I’m one of these people who want to lose weight by doing nothing 😛 if only… -, but I LOVE walking on the flat – especially on the beach. 

    I’ll try to incorporate these tips on my daily walking. Thanks!

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