Thundershirt For Dogs Review ​: This Will Save Your Dog Life

Thundershirt For Dogs

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  • Great for storms, separation, travel and many other anxieties
  • No need for training or medication
  • The bestsolution as voted by veterinarians


  • Some dogs may not like it


There is a  moment when people want to have a dog hoping that growing up will become, besides your best friend also be a protector in some dangerous situations.

Months have passed and the dog next to you is rather a kitten, which gets scared at loud noises, people, other animals and many other things. As your friend is in need, first you should learn about his fears and also how can you help him/her to overcome the anxiety.

7 Types Of Fears Identified

1. Fear of separation. Maybe it sounds sad, but it’s true that when you point yourself to the door, your dog can overreact from fear that you ‘ll never come back. He’s like a child. If you keep telling him ” Ohh, you poor baby”, you are not helping him/her. It’s best to pretend that he/she is invisible. More than that, at some point, when you didn’t intend to leave the house, get your bag on your shoulder, hold on a minute, then put it back. You can also go out in the yard, start the car and then go back to the house. Thus, you will also soften the sensitivity of the dog and he/she will understand that is not the end of the world when you dress and put your purse on your shoulder.

2. Fear of thunderstorm. Stormy weather can scare extremely bad any pets, especially dogs. Maybe was left out during a storm when he was a puppy or pure and simpler is more sensitive to strong noise.❗👉 Click here to read more about how can you protect your dog of the thunderstorm.

3. Fear of strangers. This is one of the most defiant phobias at dogs. Those who don’t see many people within 3 months of life will develop a fear of socializing. Also, if the animal had a bad master, who shocked him through aggressive behaviour it is most likely to develop a strong fear of strangers.

4. Fear of stairs. Like many other phobias, the fear of stairs arises because the dog didn’t experience this activity often. Start by encouraging him to climb a few steps and make sure they are not slippery. You can put some kind of preferred food up high, so he will know that he will have a reward for his bravery to climb. Praise him for what he accomplished with a calm voice, descend together and encourage him to come up again, with you. Repeat every day this exercise.

5. Fear of grooming and vets. There are many things that your dog don’t like when you go with him to the vet or for a haircut. In these cabinets, the smells are strange to him/her from other animals and different substances. Plus, he feels the fear of other animals in the waiting room. Take your dog to these cabinets when he doesn’t have any treatment needs. Buy him some good food from the shop and then take him home. This way, he won’t be terrorized by the place anymore.
Maybe the noises of scissors are scaring him, so you can imitate them at home and at the same time talk to him/her so that the fear goes away.

6. Fear of hoover.  The vacuum cleaners are scary for some dogs and annoying for others. You better give your friend a bone to chew when you are hoovering so in this way he/she is occupied elsewhere in the house. If you want to teach him with this noise, then you can proceed in the same way as in the❗👉Thunderstorm case. Keep the hoover off in the room so it gets used to his presence and to see its harmless.

7. Fear of cars. If you get your animal in the car just to get him to the vet or the haircut, it’s natural to develop a fear for these rides. Take him also in more pleasant places and for more interesting activities, like in a new park or a picnic. in this way, he will not associate car ridding only with vet or/and groom. Besides, let him get some toys that he can reach out to occupy his time while in the car.

If you see at your dog any of the behaviour listed above, keep reading any updates to find the best solutions to help him.

Thundershirt For Dogs: The Best Solution To Beat The Fear

The best and safe solution for your dog who is fearful and stressful is the Thundershirt For Dogs. The Thundershirt for Dogs is easy to put on and it will ensure a consistent pressure on the core of the dog which has an enormous effect on them. Thundershirt will calm your dog and he will start behaving properly responding to your commands. This is especially crucial if you are confronted with a stormy weather situation outdoor and it is imperative to have your dog under control to be able to find shelter as soon as possible.

The Thundershirt For Dogs will have an effect when your dog has signs of:

– Fear of thunderstorm

– Fear of cars and travelling

– Irritability

– Fear of separation

– Fear of dog house

– Pulling the leash

– Problem with barking

– Fear of every noise

– Fear of stairs, vet and grooming

– General fearsomeness

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The Right Size For Your Dog

The Thundershirt For Dogs it comes with 7 different sizes, such us: XXL, XL, L, M, S, XS and XXS. The Thundesrshirs is designed to adjust to being able to accommodate different dogs shapes and still to be easy to put on.

Size Dog Type Weight Chest
XX-Small Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier >7 pounds 9-13″
X-Small Cairn Terrier, Mini Dachshund, Border Terrier 8-14 pounds 13-17″
Small Beagle, Dachshund, Pug, Boston Terrier 15-25 pounds 17-21″
Medium Whippet, Pinscher, Schnauzer 26-40 pounds 21-25″
Large Basset Hound, Bulldog, Siberian Husky, Small Labrador 41-64 pounds 25-30″
X-Large Large Labrador, Boxer, Doberman, German Shepard 65-110 pounds 30-37″
XX-Large Great Dane, Mastiffs, Irish Wolfhound 110 pounds 37-50″


The Thundershirt For Dogs it is safe and easy to use. With constant pressure, your dog will be calmer during a thunderstorm or any other stressful situation and environment. It is effective with an over 80% success rate as it is reported by hundreds of customers who are happy with this product and also with happy dogs. The Thundershirt For Dogs is for all types of anxiety, fear and over-excitement issues. It is drug-free – no need for any medication, just a comfortable pressure.

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Give it a try – your dog deserves the best.

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Oana & Paula

6 Replies to “Thundershirt For Dogs Review ​: This Will Save Your Dog Life”

  1. It’s cool how far technology has come for just about anything, but even cooler when it pertains to animals. I never would’ve known a simple shirt could go such a long way in helping a dog control their fears, but then again, I’m not totally surprised either, as technology in any field can do more than amazing things these days. 

    1. Hi Todd.

       That is true, but as a dog lover, I will do anything to keep my dog safe while I am hiking with him. I am happy if he is happy and safe 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing about different fears dogs might have and how us as dog parents can manage them. I have dogs and have noticed that some fears can be very breed specific. One breed that I noticed you didn’t mention is a fear of cats. I notice a lot of people overlook this because they might mistake if as prey drive. Pitbulls in particular have a bad reputation for this but you might find it surprising that they have a fear of kittens. I have had many many laughs at mine and watching videos online of these big bulky, strong dogs afraid to cross the paths of kittens to go to where they want. Even afraid to go by them to get to their food! Haha! I’m glad you shared this info and will definitely bookmark it for later. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Hi Marlinda, thank you for the bookmark. It is hard to imagine a Pitbull scared of a kitten, but it could happen. I think the thundershirt should help him to calm when the cat is around. 

  3. Interesting Oana, 

    I have to admit, this is the first time I ever come across a thundershirt and I think its brilliant! My dog’s a home dog which looks even more pampered than I and it’s always so fragile and stressful so it gets scared easily, do you think the thundershirt will calm it down when it comes to exploding sounds? Not from real explosions but I sometimes like to put on the tv loudly when I’m alone.

    1. Hi Riaz,

      It should help him to calm down but maybe you should try to prepare him before so he can get used to the sound of bombing. Even with the thundershirt on him, it is importantfor him to know that he is safe. 

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