Beautiful Attractions That Will Make You Love Paris

Beautiful Attractions And Places To Visit In Paris


In Europe, one of the best places to visit is Paris, France. No matter the season or weather, Paris is among the most captivating places, full of art, love, great food and tasty wine. So, if you are wondering which is the best time to visit Paris, wonder no more. Each season has something different to offer, so anytime you have a free weekend you can just jump on the train, bus or plane and enjoy a memorable city break in the wonderful Paris.


Why Visit Paris?


Audrey Hepburn was correct when she said: ‘Paris is always a wise idea’. It is one of the few places that everybody fell so easily in love with. Paris is disparate from New York, yet it is that same energy which fills the soul with a desire and enthusiasm to explore.


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Paris is called the City of Lights or the La Ville Lumiere. But beyond the lights, there is so much more to this city. Paris is among the most visited places since it is everything a traveller could want for a dream to come true, but also considered among the best travel destinations.


If you are attempting to find a Paris itinerary which packs in the websites and affairs that are must-do you will be able to read lots of articles on the matter as Paris is a very popular destination.


The first time we went to Paris we were a group of five girls and we loved every second of it – it was a total blast. We only stayed there for three days, but these few days were so relaxing. Although we rushed around to see as many attractions as possible, we still found some time to move at a slower rate and take matters more easily.


We enjoyed some amazing food, sipped more than a few yummy drinks, took wonderful strolls in local parks and got in a little tourist action, all while soaking up as much Parisian magic as we could in three days!


On our most recent trip, we were not interested in museums, not because we do not love to discover the beauty they shelter, but because we were time constrain and knew there is no time as the queues were long and exploring the galleries would be very much time-consuming. Instead, we opted to explore the city at a more relaxed pace without a specific check-list for every day but more of the on the go discovery.


Armed with travel pass for public transport and a huge map we started our adventure, most of it walking but also some use of public transport was necessary as the city is huge.


Where We Stayed


We choose to stay at a hostel as it was cheap but also we could all share a room. We did not plan to spend too much time sleeping as we wanted to stay out late and up early to make the most of our time there.


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We adored the hostel where we stayed on this trip as it was very close to the Sacred Heart Cathedral, which we loved as the architecture was amazing.


We spent our mornings having breakfast at the little nice place in front of the church, just down the steps and over the street. We were lucky with the weather, so we loved staying outside, sipping on our coffees and just admire the beauty that is the church.


We started every single morning with a feast at this location and thoroughly enjoyed those endless supplies of croissants, fruits, cheeses and made-to-order eggs.


However, if you are more into luxury, or you are planning a solo or couples adventure than you should definitely look for more proper accommodation. There are so many in Paris and cater to every budget.


Only want to mention an opposite to our hostel, which is the 5-star hotel Le Narcisse Blanc, where another couple of friends were staying as they are not very fond of the hostels (apparently they passed that age). When we visited them shortly to pick up a map, right away we felt such a feeling of calm stepping into this hotel.


While it is at a prime central location, the neighbourhood itself was very picturesque and residential so we hardly encountered any tourist foot traffic or street congestion. Le Narcisse Blanc felt more like a grand private residence so going back to that chic cosy room every evening must be such a treat.


Le Narcisse Blanc has a unique back-story. The insides and overall design of the hotel were inspired by a famous Parisian ballerina and 20th-century girl: Clo de Mode. She was regarded as a free spirit; nevertheless very private two attributes you could say describe the atmosphere of Le Narcisse Blanc.


Visiting Paris – What Paris Is Famous For?



The City of Lights has plenty of attractive things along with the fact that there is always something just for every one of its customers.


However, there are the 5 things you should try to do as it is very specific to Paris and these are:

  • Do window shopping across the streets of St. Marais or any other street if you prefer, such as Champs Elysées.
  • Try the French specific snack – the crepes, which is very popular to buy on the street from the outdoor vendors for any spending budgets in Paris.
  • Visit Saint Germain des Pres, a high-end and artistic neighbourhood full of art galleries, the oldest church in Paris and fabulous restaurants, but also a favourite spot for Monet and Picasso.
  • Buy and enjoy at sunset a bottle of champagne from the Galleries Lafayette – a high-end French department store chain.
  • Listen or take part at mass in the Notre Dame.


If you do not have sufficient of a spending budget for all of these paid activities, there are also fantastic Paris experiences which are for less money or for free.


Meet the Parisians at Work, for example, a program sponsored by precisely the Paris Tourist Office is one complimentary action where fashion designers, chocolate manufacturers, bakers, furniture manufacturers, cheesemakers and other artisans share the intricacies of their art/trade.


Additionally, there are free walking tours that you can enjoy while there. A free 3.5-hour tour on foot across the heart of historic Paris throughout the Latin Quarter, Notre Dame, the Louvre, Tuileries Gardens and the Eiffel Tower, can be obtained from Sandeman’s New Europe. Check it out here


You could learn it for free if you don’t know how to tango. If you are into music and concerts, you may also attend a free organ concert in The Saint Eustache Church. Their artists are known for musical conventions and famous choir performances.


For fashionistas, this is also something to anticipate since the Galleries Lafayette department store showcases the most recent design trends along with couture creations in a complimentary 30-minute fashion show that occurs every Friday at 3 pm. But although many of those activities are for free, a few of them live by contributions and tips, but there’s actually no fixed charge or amount for them.


In France, cooking is regarded as a type of art. In fact, great deals of French chefs are celebrities at the same time. Paris will not be complete without also a taste of Parisian food for the French are considered masters of cuisine.


Some of Paris favoured restaurants would be L’Ambassade de Auvergne, Pizzeria Pepone, Pinxo, Laperouse, Fish La boissonnerie, Relais Louis XIII, Ma Bourgogne, Le Pamphlet, La Boussole along with Au Clare de la Lune. Each restaurant features distinctive specialties and ambiance.


Visit in Paris: The Eiffel Tower 


Beautiful Attractions And Places To Visit In Paris


Although the entire city is abundant of outstanding architecture, there is no enough time and either the place to discuss all of it. Better the focus will be on one of the most outstanding structures and recognised landmark of Paris.


The Eiffel Tower is Paris landmark and is a 19th-century architecture’s masterpiece. Constructed by Gustave Eiffel in 1889 the tower has been assembled for the 1889 Worlds Fair. The height of the tower is 300 m (324 m to tip) and is located on the Champ de Mars to the city’s west side.


Although at the time the tower’s aesthetics attracted a storm of controversy, even today it is recognised to be a distinguishing work of modern artwork in addition to a breathtaking technical achievement, and completely justifies Eiffel’s claim to be among the best architects of the contemporary era, from France.


The tower receives almost 7 million visitors annually and remains the tallest building in Paris, making it the most visited monument for the city vistas that makes it possible.


The tower’s structure consists of iron, coated with bronze paint. The tower has 3 levels, with restaurants on the second and first. The 3rd level is the observatory and is 276 metres above ground level.


You can access the observation deck via stairs and elevator. It would be a wonderful delight to be able to visit it. The view of Paris from the top of Eiffel Tower is just amazing. It is a must when visiting Paris.


Top Attractions In Paris – Places To Visit In Paris


The capital of France, Paris is among the best cities on the planet. Paris is essential a must-see destination for tourists. When someone mentions the city we automatically think of four landmarks and these are the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre and Champs Elyses.


The Eiffel Tower

Beautiful Attractions And Places To Visit In Paris

As mentioned earlier, this is the tallest building in Paris, and it provides wonderful panoramic views of the city. There are 3 different levels that may be ascended on the tower.


The first two have restaurants and might be obtained through elevator or stairs, and the 3rd is only available through the elevator. Admission fee varies based on the option you choose to travel upwards via stairs or elevator and the prices ranges between 10-26 Euros.


Notre Dame Cathedral


Beautiful Attractions And Places To Visit In Paris


Is among the main attractions from Paris and is located on Ile de la Cite, an island from its River Seine that was settled for over 2000 years, and which finally was built into the town of Paris as it is today. The church has a lengthy history and periods of building.


The Cathedral is a fine example of French Gothic architecture which was greatly damaged throughout the French Revolution in the late eighteenth century. For a from depth look in Notre Dame, consider a guided tour.


The Louvre


Beautiful Attractions And Places To Visit In Paris


Is probably the most crucial and well-known museum in the world. The Louvre is a must-see for art lovers and actually for all visitors to Paris.


A product of the French Revolution, it has been established as a museum in 1793 and has since then assembled up an incredible collection of fine art from all around the world, including a few of its worlds most important and ancient pieces such as its most famous being Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.


Admission fees vary based on your preference, such as tickets to the main permanent collections are priced at 10 Euros, special temporary exhibitions are priced at 11Euros and a combined ticket is priced at 14Euros.


Avoid the long ticket line and with book your tickets on-line. The museum is closed on Tuesdays.


Champs Elysees along with the Arc de Triomphe


Beautiful Attractions And Places To Visit In Paris


Probably the most famous road in the world, Champs Elyses is a picturesque tree-lined avenue that runs from the Arc de Triomphe to the Louvre. The Arc de Triomphe is a spectacular war monument which has been commissioned by Napoleon in 1806 to honour his great victories. Climb the Arc de Triomph for breathtaking views of Paris.


Of course, besides these four main landmarks of Paris, there are also many other places that one should visit and do while there.


For example, Montmartre District is one that you should visit. You could do so by exploring on your own and discovering its hidden gems or you can go for a paid walking tour (29 Euros) and have some professionals guide you and talk to you about the history of the place.


Also, you could enjoy a lovely ride on the Petit Train de Montmartre. For only 7 Euros aboard you can take pleasure in admiring the eccentric streets of Montmartre, going up the hill reaching the Sacre-Coeur Basilica and returning down to Moulin Rouge. The District of Montmartre is called the hill district and is the highest point in Paris.


Visit Moulin Rouge and take a selfie in front of it to immortalise your visit. Its red windmill stands out beautifully giving the street an outstanding image. If time permits you, stay and watch a performance inside Moulin Rouge – you will be amazed by its outstanding act.


Beautiful Attractions And Places To Visit In Paris


Sacre-Coeur is the white basilica located on top of the highest point in Paris. The view from the Dome is just amazing, so make sure you go up there to take some of the most amazing shots of the city.

Beautiful Attractions And Places To Visit In Paris


1 Day Big Bus Paris Hop-on Hop-off tour for only 38 Euros is a great option for the first time visit of the city, as it gives you the opportunity to cover a large area in a small amount of time. Also, the audio guide helps you understand better the neighbourhoods, architecture and the historic things that helped Paris become the city it is today.


Enjoy a lovely boat ride in the Canal Saint-Martin. Doing so, not only you will have the opportunity to be amazed by the beautiful architecture but also have the chance of resting your feet for a while before exploring more on foot of this stunning city.


Beautiful Attractions And Places To Visit In Paris


Also, for only 13Euros you can relax and enjoy a lovely boat tour on the Seine. Especially at dawn, the river cruise is amazing, as you can sink your eyes in the startling architecture of the city of lights.


Beautiful Attractions And Places To Visit In Paris


Make time to enjoy a lovely afternoon stroll through some of the most beautiful gardens of the city, such as Jardin de Luxembourg and Tuileries Garden.


The Jardin de Luxembourg was commissioned for Marie de Medici, mother of King Louis XIII, and is free to enter but if you want to visit the museum then there is a fee to pay. However, the garden itself is amazing and free, and it is filled with over 100 statues making it look like an open-air museum.


Among the statues, there is also a replica of the Statue of Liberty, USA. It is totally worth a visit. You can read more about Jardin de Luxembourg here.


The Tuileries Garden was designed by Catherine de Medici and hosts over 200 statues and vases. The entrance is free and it is the perfect place to rest after a day of sightseeing.


Lastly, but not least, if you are fond of history and you love bone-chilling thrills stop by and visit Paris Catacombs for a unique and unforgettable thrilling experience.


Beautiful Attractions And Places To Visit In Paris


Things To Consider When Planning A Long Visit To Paris


When you plan a long stay in Paris for any length of time, you should look into a few things before getting started. You will find many things to do as the season’s change.


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Final thoughts


Paris is just amazing and no matter how many times you visit it you will still be wonderfully surprised each time. Different seasons bring and outline a different beauty within the city.


Take a leap and go see it. I promise you – you will not be disappointed.


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Hope you enjoyed reading the article and trust that it inspired you for your next city break.


If you have any, I mean ANY questions about Paris, drop your questions below and I will be happy to answer your questions.


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Until next time,

Oana and Paula

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  1. Hi Paula,

    Recently I have been giving serious consideration to move and live in Paris for 6 months to a year. I don’t know yet but your article about the most beautiful attractions in Paris has me thinking I should just get up and go now!

    Great write up and certainly I am happy to find your article today and thanks for your work to help me in my decision. I will let you know what I decide if you like and perhaps going forward you could land us more guiding tips when I am there?

  2. Well done.

    How easy or difficult is it to take photos in the most famous Paris hotel lobbies?
    I’ll be wearing jeans most probably.


    1. Hi
      Unfortunately, I cannot say for sure how easy or difficult might be, as I have never attempted to do it.
      However, I do believe that different places might have different policies so you will have to adapt based on the first impression and go with your gut.
      Also, I could offer some personal advice that might help you to be successful, such as:
      – Firstly you should dress appropriately, to fit in and not draw to much attention to you. Although dress code has become more informal over the years, it is still advisable to wear a smart casual outfit, especially at the high end hotels. For example, if you are going to wear jeans (as you mentioned) at least wear a more nicer pair and not the oldest and roughest you own. Also is nice to pair them up with a collar shirt or a smart top. I think is nice for people to dress pleasant and you might find your requests being better accepted.
      – Secondly, act naturally, as you belong there. Smile and be polite. And do not stare.
      – Third – would be nice to ask for permission. However, if you feel (you can appreciate once you see the people there) they might say no and you really really want a photo, you can try another day with different staff.
      In my experience, while visiting Paris, I found the french people and the staff throughout the city very helpful and welcoming so you should be fine. But, I also got the impression that they appreciate fashion and etiquette. So be aware of these 2 things.
      Lastly, you should keep in mind to avoid taking shots of the guests as I believe most of them treasure their privacy.
      Good luck and hope you will be successful. Enjoy Paris, no matter the outcome of your request. It is a very memorable place.

      Thank you for your question and hope that my comment will help.

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