The Salt Path Review ( A Damn Good Book To Read)

The Salt Path


A very good and inspirational book


A remarkable journey


A true story


Learning from it



  • A perfect book to read in a day off
  • A sad story with a happy ending
  • An astonishing story filled with hope


  • Just don't get too emotional
The Salt Path
Published: 2018
Raynor Wynn and her husband Moth lost their homes and savings because a good friend of  Moth had betrayed him. After the court gives them the bad news, Moss was diagnosed with an incurable disease. All the joints will hurt, then they will become useless, then the mind will get worse, then he will suffocate and die. Which for some people will be the reason to go into a deep depression, but not Moth.

I know out there are so many people that they have never read any book. I believe that true stories about other people life can teach us to be aware of the things that may happen on the way. Also, reading other people stories will make us want to be who we want to be. Reading true stories makes us think and feel in new and different ways. It makes us think about our life.

According to Melanie Green ( PhD, associate professor at University of Buffalo), reading has its benefits and one of them it simply provides enjoyment and pleasure. Also, it can provide an escape from boredom or stress. However, reading helps us to better understand and interact with other people, will keep our brain sharp and we can grow as individuals.

Start Reading

I have finished all the books in the house, so that meant I had to look for a new one. I like to read a captivating book. I am not into soapy love stories as I found them so very boring. As it always happens, I like thorough research before starting a new one, as I want every book to be amazing and inspirational.

However, I was reading other people posts on a Facebook group, that I am a member, and they were all so excited about a book, saying that it was truly so inspiring and they are totally recommending it. So it was the first time when I heard about this book, and I became intrigued.

The group I mentioned it’s about a large group of people focused on talks about walking and travelling and personal inspiration. I am really proud and happy to be part of that group as they share my interests in walking and travelling, therefore I do trust their opinion. And as everybody from that group recommended the book as a wonderful and terrifying true story I said to my self: So, why not give it a try?

I have decided to buy the book as it seems to be a good read for my free time.

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I have bought the book from Amazon and I was captivated from the first chapter. Since the beginning of the book, the story of Ray and Moth warmed my heart, I was totally absorbed in their suffering when their beautiful lifestyle was taken away from them. I felt the same strong anger they felt when they left the courtroom and had to give up the extraordinary path they had been on until then. Even now, after having finished the book a couple of weeks ago, still cannot comprehend how a person can go to such a length to destroy a person’s life or do any of that to another person. And not only that but to be betrayed by his best friend from childhood. How can this happen?

Have you noticed when you start a new book to read, after a half-hour, you start to feel like you are part of the story like you become part of the character? It happened to me so many times and reading this book makes me feel like I was walking the path with them like I was feeling their pain and their happy moments.

The story is heartbreaking but the inspirations that it shows is amazing and unbelievable. The courage that the characters have when there is nothing else left for them teaches us that no matter the circumstances there is always a shining light at the end of the tunnel and we must fight to overcome our circumstances.

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Left with nothing, after the court decided unfavourable to them, the couple’s decision to walk along the southwest coastline seems somewhat out of reach, especially that the male character was facing a terrible illness that will mostly require well-sought care and lots of rest with little time left to live on this earth.

However, the decision of travelling was a good idea in its essence, because everything else was too sad to consider. They were homeless, having nothing left, and were faced with the decision to lie down and die or do something in the precious time they have left together and enjoy life as it is.

So, That Is What They Did.

They started walking along the road, along the coast, which stretches from the Mainhead from the Severn Well to the end of the country, and then returned west to the pond. The length was 630 miles. Six hundred miles damned. Without preparation, without money and with an exhausting physical and mental illness.

I will not lie: when I read the first few chapters I felt it as a colossally stupid decision. When your body gives up, it’s important not to speed up the process, and it looked like they had chosen a one-way ticket to disaster. Did not seem possible to be able to reach the destination alive, at least for one of them.

But, as it seemed, when you start walking and running fuelled by the desire to spend your days in nature doing what you love and with whom you love you will end up being carried away by a very impressive Raynor Wynn prose wave. The nature of writing is often boring, or at least monotonous, but it works by giving something to each area that passes its typical images. More difficult to absorb is a rich description of physical pain that is so bright on the side that it is rather traumatic. Joints screamed, nose roaring, clothes sweating hanging on the ribs: that’s all. I have never had much contact with the facts of physical illness.

For me, this book was more than just a travel guide or a travel journal. Was a lesson about life and human beings and all the challenges we are faced with, some of them related to our own faults and some of them related to the only fact of being human and trusting the wrong people. I also learned about the fact that homeless people are not all drug addicts and how to be more tolerant with others and not judge people just for being homeless. Some of them are homeless due to personal circumstances, or because of a very poor decision. A decision that ruined their life. A decision which can easily any of us can make.

Even if the main story is very sad, the book is actually fun to read as Raynor’s writing style is extraordinary, with great detail of time descriptions, landscapes, wildlife, observations about society, nature, other people and their relationships. This is a beautiful story of mourning with sadness, finding yourself and come to the realisation of what really matters when everything seems lost.

In the end, the book has a happy ending, highlighting a miracle as Moth’s health improved despite the physical and mental challenge he has been through and especially despite the fact that the doctors only gave him a couple of months to live. So, in the end, he outlived himself.
Although the health improvement was little and very slow it showed that extreme psychology, such as great optimism and great support from the other half seems to help better than the medicine.

As a reader, this seems suspicious at first, but soon you are so absorbed by the courage of travel that the magnitude of the devil in the world, and the problems that you consider to be unbearable diminish slowly leaving space to a bright and wonderful beginning.

After all, all we need to do is to believe in ourselves and in our potential to start fresh and succeed each time. We need the strength to see each challenge as an opportunity to begin anew.

The book covers a period of almost two years from the life of Moth, a terminal ill person, which proved that you can fight for your life and you might win. Although long before the end of the book, he should have been on his deathbed it was to believe his diagnostic. But he didn’t, he sat in the front row of the literary festival, while Raynor, his wife, talked about her bestseller – their personal healing journey and self-discovery.

This is my kind of love story

And I was not disappointed. This was a super read.

Extraordinary reading.

Read this book, I dare you. It will change your life and the way you appreciate everything around you.

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Until next time

Oana & Paula

12 Replies to “The Salt Path Review ( A Damn Good Book To Read)”

    Hello Oana, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am by nature emotional person and I like reading books of that type. I usually have time on the weekend to read so The Salt Path would be a great choice. It is not expensive at all but definitely worth reading.

    This is a sad story but at the same time, it is also a message and example of encouragement. Life has not been kind to them but they chose to stay together, that all the problems will not put an end to their love, that is beautiful. And that life still has something better to offer, so they went for it. 

    Your review really gave me the taste of the book and, I will keep the salt path among my must-read of this year.

    Thanks for sharing.

      Hi Adyns68,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is a sad story but I love it when the sad story turns into a happy ending. 

    Hi Oana Matei,
    This article is about the salt path which is an amazing inspire-able book that I understood from this article. I love to read a book daily that’s why I always like to find an attractive & interesting storybook. This article shows me a fantastic story start with drama, sadness and ends with happiness. So I am very much interested in this book because of its inspiration. I will buy this book as soon as possible & I would like to thanks oana to write this kind of useful article.

    Hello, first I was wondering why you siad the con of the book is that we shouldn’t get emotional about it, I was wondering what this could be about. However, going through your review alone makes me get a bit emotional about it. I am in love with the the book already and I wish to have my own copy of it. Thanks for this wonderful review

      Hi Dane. 

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. It is a wonderful story and if you will read it you will understand ‘don’t get too emotional”. I have to be honest, I am never emotional when I read a true story, but this time I could not stop my self. So I have cried. 

      Thank you again.

    Hi, I am so happy to come across your post because I love reading books. I have not determined the type of book I love, your post reveals to me that everyone has a favourite type of book that we enjoyed.

    With the little story about the salt path review that you summarizer in your post I really learn that no matter what we might be facing financially, emotionally we will overcome it one day.

    As per the group that you are I don’t mind if there is any chance to be a member, I love groups that add values to me.

    For my friends to benefit from the information in your post I will share your post on my social media.

      Hi there.

      Thank you for reading my post, I really appreciate it. When I decided which genre is my favourite, I read one book from any genre. Maybe this is a way for you to decide which genre you will like. 

      We have to think positive that one day everything will be ok. Focusing on the good things and finding humour in all the bad situations, will help us to go through the day. 

      Thank you again

    Hmm, this is a fantastic book that every one most read. The work of love and optimism can not be over emphasized. I like the fact that they latter had happy ending. How do they encountered the happy ending grace? This will be the reason why I will get the book on time. The book is full of lessons that need to reflect on. It is very risky to have full trust on people. Hmm, that seems difficult. And I have learnt that ,no matter the circumstances, we should always have positive hope that ‘difficult time too will pass’. 

      Hi Stella.

      Thank you for reading my post. Well, I could answer your question about how they encountered a happy ending, but you should definitely buy the book. It is worth reading.

      Yes, it is hard to trust people, and when you read a story where your best friend is ruining your life, it makes it more difficult to give full trust to anybody.  “Sitting in the courtroom, I watched as Moth picked at a white fleck on the black table in front of him. I knew what he was thinking: How had it come to this? He’d been close friends with the man who was making the financial claim against us. They’d grown up together and…

      Yes, we should always think positive in all situations. 

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