Bredon Hill – Escaping The City And Healing Your Mind


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Lately, there has been a huge amount of talks about mental health and the importance of taking care of our mind for present and future wellbeing.

It has been suggested, and running since October 2018, the NHS Worcestershire Health and Care campaign ‘Now we’re talking’, which main focus is to raise awareness about the mental health. The campaign is aiming to reduce the stigma surrounding the mental health and to encourage all of us to talk openly about it.

We want to join the subject and promote a complementary solution to mental health via walking, as walking has been scientifically proven to contribute greatly to out mental health. Scientists say that walking can help to boost endorphins, or “feel‐good” chemicals in the brain.

In this article we want to emphasise the importance of walking for our mental health (as well as the physical and social health) and promote one of the routes we have taken over the end of winter and really enjoyed it. We believe that for beginners (and not only) that route or a similar route (if you are not from around) would make a great start for your amazing walking travel adventures.

Mind Comes First!

Taking even a short walk can improve your overall mood. So when you feel blue do not hesitate, put on those walking shoes and go outside – avoid letting the nasty feelings to settle in. Keep moving for a healthy mind.

Recently, the papers were buzzing with the latest news about the benefits of walking for our mental health, especially walking in the forest, or among any number of trees. Apparently, 2 hours a week spent in the forest improves greatly the function of our brain, making it younger.

Also, walking in groups has a great positive outcome on the mental health as it promotes different social activities and helps enlarge your social life, by meeting new people and making new friends.

Do not be afraid!!!

Go out there and start living your life at the fullest!

Enjoy and allow yourself to be happy! You deserve it!

So, as you can see walking has a huge positive impact on our mental health as well as the entire body. Such as helps with the weight loss, improves your hearth and lungs, reduce the risk of hearth disease and stroke, reduce risk of type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and  some types of cancer, as well as improve your balance.

Joining a walking group is an amazing way to boost your social interaction skills as walking outdoor is well known to bring out the best in people: they are more happy, smiling, open to new people and willing to start friendships as the atmosphere is relaxed.

Also, if you suffer with depression, or you know someone who is, then walking is a great help. Recently I have read a personal story of a guy who started to climb to beat depression and he made it through. Now he climb because he really ended up enjoying it, but he swears by outdoor walking/climbing. So if he could make it then we can all do it.

Of course, as with any illness or challenge in life, any complementary solution or tool can be a great help. So, if you rather start slow and on your own before joining a group then you might consider getting a dog, or borrowing one from a friend or neighbour. Dogs are known as amazing companions, they love to walk and are great listeners.

Also, finding a purpose or helping others can make wonders and amazing changes on your brain. So, consider volunteering. This will not only help others but help you greatly, giving you a great sense of achievement and contribution to the world. But also, helps you with extending your circle of people you interact with.

Only those who helped themselves know how to help others.' George Bernard Shaw Click To Tweet

Each person has its own battle, even if its not visible.

Do not take personal what its happening to you through others. You have the power to change that. Try to understand others by putting yourself into their shoes and you will see that most of the time it’s not about you but about their struggle.

Be kind – even if they are not nice to you – you might save their life without knowing.

Start living your life – you are the person who can make that happen. The outside forces are only around you to push you out of your comfort zone and persuade to make the best of your life. You have the power!!!!

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Where To Start?

As already been mentioned earlier, in this article we want to talk about one of the walking route that we found amazing and wanted to share it with you. We are hoping that by reading this you will be inspired to go outdoor and start living your life at the fullest, improving your mental and physical health through walking and meeting new and wonderful people along the way.

Wherever you are, choose your walking routes in nature, as far away from pollution as possible. Opt for parks and forests, as researchers say that 2 hours a week walking in tree populated areas improve greatly the brain. So try to enjoy your daily walks away from noise and pollution, spending as much time as possible in nature relaxing and getting energised.

If you are looking for a leisurely walk close to Worcester, or just rumble around, for any age walkers and with a spectacular view, Bredon Hill is a great option. It has various routes that are children, elderly and dog-friendly and also there are routes that are wheelchair friendly.

Bredon Hill is part of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and it’s located in Worcestershire, in the Vale of Evesham.

The hill is great to escape the city for a day or more and connect with nature. Its spectacular location and the proximity to M5 make it a wonderful place to spend a day or more, walking, cycling and enjoying lovely picnics over the summer. There are accommodations available in the nearby towns and villages, for those who want to explore the area over a couple of days.

There are various options and route alternatives so you can adapt it to your needs. You can choose a route that is longer but moderate in difficulty, or if you are a more experienced and adventurous walker you can op for shortcuts (escape routes) that are more steep and difficult to climb. You can also use these escape routes when returning from the top of the hill and need to cut your walk short.

No matter the route you choose, aim for the 18th-century tower where you can have a break and enjoy the magnificent view. If accompanied by children they can enjoy a play inside the Tower enclosure and admire the beautiful stone shaped like an elephant.

If you are planning to spend couple of days or even weeks in the area you will not be disappointed as there are lots of opportunities for you to explore.

You can have a circular walk to Elmley Castle ruins as it is at the north site of Bredon Hill and 1/2 mile south of the village. The village Elmley Castle carries this name due to the fact of being outside the boarders of the ruins of an important Norman and medieval castle.

Close by, 5 minutes drive or even possible to get there by a nice walking, there is Pershore, a market town where you can enjoy lovely meals and small shops as well as entertainment at the Number 8 Arts Centre.  A venue for drama, dance and concerts, plus film and theatre screenings, with a gallery and cafe. Pershore makes a great ending for a day spent outdoor, up on Bredon Hill. Also, it is a great alternative for a rainy day. So, take a look online before you go to see whats on offer.

Evesham is another beautiful market town, just 23 minutes drive from Bredon Hill, and a wonderful location to see. There are lots of things to do here, from visiting the Almonry Museum and the lovely and famous Abbey Park to riding the Evesham Vale Light Railway and exploring the Safari Park and nature.

Another gem in the Cotswold and only 30 minutes drive from Brendon Hill is the historic village of Broadway with its famous Cotswold Walking trail passing by and the very visited Tower up the hills. If in the area, you must visit the place as the hills offer some breathtaking views and the village gives you some of the most unforgettable moments.❗👉 For more details about the place read this article here.

Route Descriptions

We started our walk from the churchyard in Great Comberton village.

I think we can all agree that images bellow immortalised a breathtaking view, with the sun in front of the hill. The start of the day has the weather misty with a lovely warm wind.

The sky is unbelievable blue for a February day.

Starting our walk up the hill and leaving the road and village of Great Comberton behind we could just enjoy the birds singing and admiring the beauty of the stream going downwards alongside our route. Do not forget to stop often and look back. It is just lovely and the village left behind is a pleasant sight to your eyes. Further, you go up, more is becoming so quiet and tranquil – you can hear your own thoughts.

As you part the stream and just about to get into the second field, if you stop and look back, enjoying also a break, you’ll start seeing farther away (over the first hill) many villages spread over in the midst. To be honest, I wanted just to stay there and enjoy the view all day. However, the ground was too cold just to sit on the grass so we continued with the route. Bear in mind that is a great spot for a summer picnic.

Once you get on the farm track and turn right on it the view on the right it’s just breathtaking. You could see as far as Pershore town.

Closer in the view, there is a small lake hidden by the trees.

And the mist makes everything look as out of a fairy tale book.

There are few benches spread along the way, where you can stop, have a break, have a snack, meditate or just relax, enjoying the view.

No matter the weather, Bredon Hill is a great spot for walking and getting re-energised, far away from our daily lives. However, I think is lovely in the spring, when the nature is coming alive and the days are getting longer and warmer. Also, spring is lovely up there with the bluebells creating a wonderful coat for the otherwise bare land, and the sheep’s on the pastures nearby with the baby lambs learning to walk – its just amazing. As well as the summer with the sun and the lovely flowers abundant.


In today busy world we find ourselves trapped in the daily tasks and hardly have time for others. But lets try and give a little bit of our time daily, even for 1 minute to someone in need. They might only need from as a smile, or to asked them how their day has been – it could mean a lot for someone who is lonely or in despair. So try to be someones light when they are hopeless.

And lets remember and share with those who need to hear it, Marcus Aurelius inspired statement: ‘You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength.’

Visiting Bredon Hill was one of the favourite places and is a location that will probably be seen again, not only for its proximity to our residence but mainly because of its beauty.

All year around is a great place to be outdoor. We do recommend exploring it at least once, and we are sure you will be hooked after that.

'I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more.' J Burroughs Click To Tweet

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Until next time,

Oana and Paula

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