Walking Therapy For Your Depression



Walking therapy for Depression


Depression not only destroys our bodies but also it’s affecting our soul and mind. To start fighting the depressions, first, we need to understand our main goal in the world. Why is that?


Because we made a choice and because we are here and consider our being as part of the community. Even though we are currently trying to live our lives sometimes confused about our role in this world. This clearly leads to loneliness and selfishness.


The problem is the difficulty that depressed people have in their motivation to unite. Depressed people will have difficulty doing simple tasks or things they usually want to do.
So, if you can gather energy and motivation, walking or other exercises help, but it’s not easy. However, this can be therapeutic.


Whether you are battling this illness or one of your loved ones has it, or you know somebody touched unfortunately by it, or maybe just want to know about it just as a preventive measure to help you stay away from it then this article it is for you.


We believe that one of the basic and very handy solutions is walking depression out of your life. While doing research on the subject, we found walking and depression linked closely together, depression as being the problem and walking as part of the solution.


Walking actually doesn’t cure depression, even though it helps cure. Physical activity is good diversification, and walking fast causes endorphin release like other physical activities. It’s also a good idea to go outside. But I believe starting using walking as a therapy for depression is a good start.


In this article, we are looking at how walking is helping you with depression, but also we’ll touch on some facts identified to contribute to depression. Through this post, we want to encourage you to start walking for depression and anxiety, whether is to treat it or to prevent it.


Walking therapy for depression is one of the first non-medicated solution highly recommended and I personally believe that it is worth trying whether as a first response to the problem or especially as a preventive measure or combined with a medicated treatment just to start walking off depression and continue walking out of depression for a better tomorrow and a happier you.



Whether the reason for depression is rooted in our childhood or is due to our current lifestyle we all want the same result: to get rid of depression.


Depending on the depth of the issue we might need to have medical help but also we can benefit from more appropriate nutrition, exercise and holistic approach such as meditation.


Remember, all you want depends only on you. You are the force that can make them happen. All you need is to start. After that, it will be snowballing.


‘Happiness depends upon ourselves.’ Aristotle Click To Tweet


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Paula & Oana

8 Replies to “Walking Therapy For Your Depression”

  1. Helo,

    battling depression can be so difficult except one uses exercise and some therapy hence it’s not a waste of words to say walking helps solve the problems of depression. I aptly buy this idea and I’ll love to share this with people because lately people seems to be battling problems of depression. Thanks for the great post

  2. Hi I’m a gym trainer, I agree with you walking is very much important to the body system. Most of my students see it as stress but I always insist they do it, reading this article has provided me with a startup topic for the next training. Thanks for this educative article 

  3. Wow what a really insightful review and it was so good to hear about some ways to combat depression and stress. It is very true that stress and anxiety and depression can seriously impact your life. I hope many others read your post and get as inspired by it as I am. Thanks

    1. Thank you for your comment. Very happy that the article inspired you. That was our main aim. 

  4. I really liked this post. I have struggled a little with depression in the past, as I’m sure more people have. I really do believe that the only person who can cure depression is ourselves. Sometimes life gives you hell, but there is always a silver lining and there is always two ways to look at things. I use to be extremely negative but I called it realistic, that was my problem. Negative things were happening in my life because I thought that that was the only reality for me, once I change my mindset then everything started changing for the better. Walking is a great way to take time for yourself. When I do it I normally think of the present, my surroundings and I avoid overthinking about the tiny things that are happening in my life that can really change my mood from good to bad. We don’t have the power to change everything in our lives, but we do have the power of how we respond and that is where our happiness is. 

    1. Thank you for your comment and really hope that will inspire many to believe in themselves and make the changes they need to be happy in life.

  5. Walking (or in my case running) is one of the greatest natural remedies out there regarding depression. I love how you included both books and music as well, and combining music with running will release a boatload of positive endorphins which won’t just leave you feeling good, but the more you keep at this the better you will feel and you’ll eventually grow addicted to the endorphins. 

    While I don’t struggle with depression, I’ve always stated that I could easily be prone to doing so, as I get down on myself and on life a lot, especially when at the day job, but I will say that something as simple as a good walk to your favorite tunes as well as an endless supply of motivational quotes will help your mindset. 

    It’s a fantastic feeling that will only grow as you continue to embark on this lifestyle.

    1. Hi Todd

      Thank you for your thoughts and I am pleased that you enjoyed reading it. As you mentioned, depression is a state so easily fallen into for many of us so its best to be aware of it and prevent it or to help get rid of it. 

      Enjoy your summer!!!

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