How To Use The Internet To Find The Best Cheap Hotels

The Best Cheap Hotels

Using the internet to find the best cheap hotels is a lot much easier nowadays. Nobody is ambivalent about the internet. Some folks claim it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, while others blame it for the downfall of modern society. Regardless of your feelings about the internet, it’s a great tool for travel.

It is a generally recognised fact that we live in a world full of tensions in which the latest one is COVID.  It is no new news that the coronavirus pandemic destroyed and still is destroying the travel all over the world.

Half of this summer there are not many countries where you were able to travel. In July some restrictions were lifted but at the end of August, travel advice has been reintroduced in many countries, including the UK, Spain and France, etc. But, even so, there are places in your own country to go travelling, walking, hiking or the beach.

If you aren’t the greatest miser going, when you are ready to go on a holiday, saving is going to be one of your biggest questions. Finding that safe haven you can call home should neither be a struggle, nor a way of reducing your cash in hand. There are many techniques you can take to find inexpensive lodging without compromising quality in your vacation destination.

The internet is one of the greatest tools for finding the best sites to book the best cheap hotels. This is important because lodging is one of the most expensive parts of a vacation.

Searching for the best cheap hotel deals online is time well spent. However, there are numerous websites and so much information that the task can be daunting.

 The travel industry today is full of rivalry among different firms, and there is information available to you in magazines, online, even through text messages, where the business will compete for your holiday money if they know you have an interest.

Follow these few simple words of advice, and you could be counting your sheep on some of the most comfortable beds in the world at a terrific bargain.

But, firstly, we will cover a little what you can do to travel safely during this pandemic situation.

COVID 19 – What You Can Do To Travel Safely

The Best Cheap Hotels

The United Kingdom Government have a lot of advice regarding how to stay safe while travelling. However, there’s a difference between England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales on the safety of travelling.

There are some things you could do while you are travelling, walking or any other outdoor activity.

You need to keep your distance from others.

When you are out there doing all those activities you are into, it is a bit hard to wash your hands every time you are touching something. So, have with you some hand sanitiser as it will help you to keep your hands clean.

If you use some public transport while travelling, please use a face covering to protect you and the others. If you have a disability which requires not to wear a face covering, please be sensitive around others and keep your distance.

However, you can read more information on the government’s website

Use These Strategies To Find The Best Cheap Hotels

The first thing you need is to know exactly what kind of accommodation you are looking for. Questions you will be asked at booking include what kind of bed, how many people will be in the room, and do you want a meal package with your reservation. Know all of these things early on, or you will be up-sold before you can say continental breakfast. There are several online sites that will help you pick out deals based on these factors.

Decide your requirements before you start looking for a hotel

You also need to know what you are looking for as an overall holiday need. Are the kids with you? Are you going to want a swimming pool? Spa? Gym? The more you want, the more you are going to spend. Become familiar with the rating system. The more stars a hotel has next to its name in the AAA guide, the more money you are going to spend.

More stars (or in some cases, diamonds) means the hotel offers more amenities. You will see things like free continental breakfast, swimming pools either indoor or out, a restaurant on-site, concierge service, night maids, day maids — the list goes on. In fact, it is astonishing that in the pre-online shopping days such deals could even be structured.

The odds of getting exactly what you want are slim if you fail to define your needs.

 Compare dates

The internet makes it easy to compare the cost of a room across several dates.

If you can travel in the offseason. This will lower your costs considerably. All hotels reduce their charges in the off-season to fill up their rooms and get you in the door. Once they do, they treat you well and hope to see you again during peak season. And who knows, if they do their job right, they just might.

You might find that by adjusting your vacation timeline by a few days or weeks you can save a significant amount of money.

Here is a list with the sites that I have used for comparing travel dates : is one of the world’s largest travel marketplaces for both established brands and entrepreneurs of all sizes. Their mission is to make it easy for everyone to experience what the world has to offer. is a well-known travel site which is always at hand for people in the UK offering all the comparison tools they need when they’re planning their holiday and want to find the very best one for them and their families.  Travel Supermarket compares Package Holidays, Car Hire, Flights, Hotels, Holiday Extras, Travel Insurance and dynamic packaging by searching hundreds of travel websites. The information supplied is unbiased and designed to save our customers time and money. is one of the world’s leading full-service online travel agents with localised websites in 31 countries, offering access to over 510,000 bookable properties around the world (including boutique hotels as well as major hotel brand names), over 400 airlines along with a wide selection of car hire and destination experiences.

Tripadvisor is another one of the world’s largest travel sites with over 500 million reviews and helps users to find the lowest hotel prices with Tripadvisor’s price comparison of over 200 hotel sites. Is offering 6000 individually and inspected self-catering properties all across the UK with more than 25 years experience in helping travellers find and book their perfect cottage break.


Remember to check how the new date will affect the other aspects of your trip.

Check out the amenities

Many hotels include free or discounted tickets to shows and local attractions, such as amusement parks. Other hotels might have a free breakfast or dinner buffet.

The more of these services your hotel offers, the higher your cost is going to be. These items are known as amenities, and even though they are offered as “free services” the cost of the service will be built into the cost of your room rate. If you don’t need concierge service but want a swimming pool, look for a mid-level hotel that just has a pool.

Again, the number of stars the property is rated does not signify its “niceness”; it represents how many amenities can be accessed by you. You can get a beautiful hotel room with no amenities at good rates if you look in the right places.

Avoid being lured in by extras that aren’t important to you.

Visit the auction sites

Websites like Priceline and Hotwire are great for bidding on hotel rooms within your target city. There are a variety of parameters to help you narrow your search.

  • If you’re unsure about bidding, check out for up-to-date information about successful bids.
  • Priceline and Hotwire have different models, so check out both. Before you bid or “name your own price” familiarise yourself with the current hotel rates in your target area. Expedia, Orbitz, Yahoo Travel, or similar sites can provide you with prices for each star level.
  • You can typically find a hotel for approximately 15-25% less on auction sites than on standard travel sites. It’s a good idea to get your significant other to bid first and bid low. Then, you can make a higher bid if their bid is rejected.

 Hit the forums

A great source of information is Bidding For Travel. This wonderful website is similar to Better Bidding. You can get the latest gossip on successful and unsuccessful bids on Priceline. Simply find your target city and see what’s going on. You’re also able to see where you’re likely to stay if you bid on Priceline.

Don’t be afraid to ask for an upgrade when you check-in. If a hotel is not fully booked, they should be more than happy to accommodate you and make it a point to see that you become a repeat customer. In the services industry, word of mouth is basic to a hotel’s success. Bad news travels fast in the hotel industry.

Your friends will know what complaints you had about your vacation far before they hear about how soft the pillows were. Hotels know this and want to make your stay as comfortable as possible because it will bring you back. Ask for a complimentary upgrade, the worst that can happen is you won’t be able to avail of it. The best thing that can happen is a premium room.

 Search for package deals

Most of the travel websites will quote a package price if you want more than just a hotel room. Purchasing your plane tickets or rental car along with your hotel room can sometimes save you money.

Cruises are also frequently bundled. is one site that will help you find cheap hotels deals all over the internet and it makes it easier to book the perfect deal for you and your family. All you have to do is tell where you want to travel and the site will tell you which travel sites in your desired area have cheap hotels.

We’ll also link you directly to the sites with the best hotel deals and cheapest prices for your preferred travel dates – from last minute hotel deals to bargain five-star getaways.

Using the internet to find your deals becomes easier and using a site like deal-checker makes your life easier and free of stress.

Is The Internet A Possibility For Disabled Travellers?

The Best Cheap Hotels

But is on-line booking a realistic option for wheelchair-users? Is it really the best way to get a good deal? The answer is a conditional yes. In reality, there isn’t a one-click method; but you can use the internet to save money and to ensure appropriate access.

Let’s start with airfares. Airline websites and travel portals are the best places to book air tickets on-line if you have access needs. Shop around, find the best fare, then book on-line. Most of the major websites even have places on their booking forms to specify your access needs, such as wheelchair-assistance, accessible seating or an on-board wheelchair. After you’ve made your reservation, call the airline to make sure your access requests are noted.

Of course, there’s a lot more to travel than just booking an airline ticket. It’s also possible to book an accessible room online, but only if you know what websites to avoid. Hotel consolidators top the bad boys’ list. Why?

Well, first off hotel consolidators only treat reservations for accessible rooms as requests for accessible rooms; but even more importantly, the reservations are held in the consolidator’s name (not the traveller’s name) until approximately 24 to 48 hours prior to the traveller’s arrival.

In other words, if you were to call the hotel directly to confirm your reservation (and to make sure an accessible room is blocked for you) in most cases your name would not even be on file. Consolidators book blocks of accessible rooms and specific rooms are not assigned to travellers until the last minute. In most cases, travellers get pot luck.

Worse yet, when you discover this fact and realise that in all likelihood you won’t end up with an accessible room, you can’t cancel without paying a substantial cancellation fee (which of course is automatically charged to your credit card). So basically, you pay in advance but you aren’t guaranteed anything. Not exactly a fair deal, is it?

How do you spot a hotel consolidator? It’s pretty easy. They all require prepayment with a credit card and most of them have rather stiff cancellation fees.

On the other hand, many travel portals offer a professional interface that enables users to book accessible rooms on-line. The major advantage of using a professional interface on a travel portal is that you deal directly with the hotel. You request a reservation, the request goes to the hotel, and you get a confirmation number back; all within a matter of seconds.

The downside to all this is that sometimes it’s hard to tell a travel portal with a professional interface from a hotel consolidator just by looking at the on-line booking form. Both forms ask you for the same information.

There are however two big differences. One is that, aside from a no-show fee, you won’t encounter a cancellation fee when using a professional interface. And two, when you use a professional interface, you don’t have to pay the hotel charges in advance.

The best way to book an accessible room online is to make a reservation directly on the hotel’s website. Why? Because you can be assured you are dealing directly with the property. After you make your reservation on-line, call the hotel and confirm the access details of your reservation.

In the end, if you shop around, watch for sales and stay away from travel consolidators you’ll probably find some good deals on-line. But remember, you need to follow up every on-line reservation with a call to the hotel or airline to confirm you access requests.

Yes, it takes a little longer, but it’s the only way to make sure your access needs are met. In reality, the internet is a great tool for travellers.


The internet is probably the greatest tool available for finding the best hotel rates. If you can save money on your hotel room, that’s extra money you’ll be able to spend on other things.

You might be able to eat at nicer restaurants or do some extra souvenir shopping. Spend time finding the best rate for a hotel room that fits your needs.

Why pay more when you don’t have to?

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