How Can I Actually Save Money On Travel Expenses



Whether people are travelling for business or pleasure, all the related expenses can really take a toll on their financial position. If they are not careful, the travel decisions they make can end up putting them in a worse position than they were before. Especially in the case of vacations, definitely they don’t want to come home to a bank statement showing red!


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Travelling inspires me to experience more. When the world feels small, I travel. I enjoy experiencing the enormous domain beyond my work and home. Sometimes, I escape to places far away from the place where I live. But I know that I can also drive down the road, or just beyond the city limits, to partake in the traveller’s experience.


The world is vast, and I am aware that I am familiar with only a small part of it. Encountering new cultures is an exciting experience. I enjoy meeting new people and observing different systems of society. Architecture, music, and food are fun areas of exploration.


Closer to home, I explore the outdoors. I love finding hiking paths, lakes, and many other areas to visit.  Leaving the stresses of work behind is necessary because I want to keep my mind right here, at the moment. Also, as a passionate photographer, I love taking my time to find the perfect shoot and for this sometimes I need to find some paths that many people will not choose. Therefore, in the outdoor stillness, I can look for and immortalise the best shots.


I also love travelling with others. My friends enjoy the adventure as much as I do. I like sharing the experiences and discussing our discoveries.


Lately, I have spent some time researching ways to save money on travel expenses in order to be able to travel more. Below, I want to share with you my findings, hoping that will inspire you to travel more and enjoy life.


Some Tips In This Q & A To Save Money On Your Travel Expenses


Save money for your traveling


Q: Why are airline tickets so expensive?

A: The pricing of airline tickets is seasonal, with the exception of when airlines release special fares. Chances are you have been checking high season prices for a particular destination. According to, January is the best time to book a trip. Also, bear in mind that the prices may vary by destination and the length of the flight and also there are other factors to take into consideration, such as seasonality and weather.


Q: How do I know when to book my travel for maximum savings?

A: A great idea for identifying the most cost-effective time to book your travel would be to research seasonality for your chosen destination. If your destination is tropical, for example, you can expect the winter season to be more expensive, since more travellers will want to escape to somewhere warm during the cold months.

Search for websites that alert you when lower fares are published by airlines. That way, you can always get the best value.Book mid-week flights – they’re less expensive than if you plan to travel on the weekends.


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Q: Are there opportunities to get value as a business traveller?

A: Inquire at your workplace if your company qualifies for any special travel discounts. You may be able to get access to preferred rates if your company is recognised by an airline or a rental car company.

Check with different airlines to determine if they have “business clubs” for passengers. In some cases, paying a small fee annually gives you access to preferred travel rates.


Q: Where can I find affordable, safe accommodation?

A: There are quite a few websites that can help you identify great places to stay on your business or pleasure trip. Search for these sites which often provide ratings based on experiences of visitors before you. Take your time checking out the feedback left by previous visitors as they are very important in your decision making.


Always check with your travel agent for the best options for accommodation. Travel agents are usually privy to information on great accommodation choices depending on your travel class and needs.


Your travel agent might be your best resource for saving money by bundling transportation with accommodations.


Your best bet to find the best travel deals is to check several discount and comparison travel sites and always check with your travel agent.


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Save Money On Your Next Vacation


Save money for your traveling


Like most of us, you probably love to go on vacation but hate the expense. Below are six tips that can dramatically cut the cost of your next vacation. Instead of putting so much money toward your travel expenses, you can save it or spend it on something that really matters to you.


  • Check out nearby airports. Many decent-sized cities have multiple airports. You might be surprised at the difference in cost. Consider looking into airports within a 50-mile radius. The money you can save might be worth an hour drive.


  • Avoid checking your bags. Airlines have become aggressive about charging for bags you check. Look into any fees the airline’s charge for checked bags; policies vary considerably. It might make sense for everyone in the family to have a carry-on to avoid those charges. Try and travel light, especially if on holiday; you end up wearing very few clothes, especially in hot destinations, so try and avoid clutter. You can always shop there if you are short of something.


  • Think big. If a large group is travelling with you, you might be better off renting a house or a large suite with a kitchenette. Get some friends to travel with you, and your trip maybe even more economical. You can split the rental fees and you might even have more fun in the process. Not only can you save money on your accommodations, but you can also prepare your own food. You can save a lot by eating in. If you want to spend that money while on vacation, put it toward something you’ll remember 10 years from now. That’s probably not going to be food!


  • Consider your travel days. Some days can be much less expensive for flights than others. Look at all your options. The same situation applies to hotel rooms; the rates often vary widely by the day. Some real savings can be found here. One note: house and villa rentals are frequently by the week. However, some rentals are Friday-Sunday or Monday-Thursday. Weekend rates can be much costlier than weekdays. See if your plans will allow you to take advantage of the lower-priced days.


  • Go during the off-peak season. Off-peak travel seasons may not work if you have children since school can be an issue. But if you don’t have kids, the savings can be considerable. Hotel rooms, car rentals, and flights can all be much less expensive. An airline ticket to Europe can be half the regular cost during certain times of the year, saving you hundreds of dollars on each ticket. Not only will you spend less money, but the crowds are much smaller. In many places, like Florida, the beach can be a lot more comfortable in May or October than it is in July.


  • Stay home. You may be surprised how many French people have never been to Paris. Or how many people from Arizona have never seen the Grand Canyon. Try looking locally for destinations. Have you fully taken advantage of what your area has to offer? A vacation with a day spent at the amusement park, another day at the beach, another exploring the woods, and another site-seeing, all while sleeping in your own bed at night might be the perfect vacation for you and your family.


  1. To really cut vacation costs, use as many of these tips as your situation will allow. A vacation doesn’t have to be financially painful. Plus, you may have more fun doing something out of the ordinary. And you may even save enough for another vacation!


4 Easy Ways to Save Money When You Travel


Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, your next trip doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Regardless of your current financial situation, it’s wise to plan ahead so your travel adventures don’t derail your budget.


According to, one of the most common areas that folks exceed their budgets is excessive spending on vacations and other forms of travel!


The good news is that there are several ways you can reduce your travel costs, whether you’re trotting the globe or just taking a brief excursion to a nearby city!




Follow these steps to reduce your travel expenses:


Book early

You can save a lot on the cost of your tickets and reservations by booking well in advance. Early planners also grab the best hotel and transportation deals by booking way ahead of time. It’s not uncommon to save 50% or more on the cost of your airline ticket if you can make your reservations 6 months in advance of your trip.


You can save even more on your airline costs by using nearby regional airports rather than flying directly into a large city. If you’re required to travel on short notice, seek out the services of a travel club or online travel site that offers price comparisons, discounts for bundles, and special rates for members.


If you’re travelling internationally, use the train or bus to save big. Go directly to the provider’s website at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance to save up to 50% on train and bus tickets. If you’re planning to make stops in several international cities, consider buying a rail pass for your entire route for additional savings.


If you plan to attend a concert or theatre event, get your tickets online rather than waiting. Online coupons and discounts can help you save up to 45% off the price you would pay at the box office.


Travel during the off-season

Hotels, hostels, and resorts offer steep discounts to travellers who visit during a specific location’s “off-season.” Most hotels and resorts offer lower rates for rooms booked for Sunday through Wednesday nights, rather than the weekend.


Be selective when deciding which activities you want to do on your trip


It’s easy to fall for local “tourist traps” when you’re on a vacation in an unfamiliar location. Entrance fees and other charges quickly add up. If there are attractions that you’d really like to visit on your trip, look for free ways to enjoy the site. A great way to enjoy a site for free is to picnic and play on the grounds outside rather than paying entrance fees to take an inside tour. Reducing the number of locations that you explore on your trip will help you preserve your energy levels as well as your wallet!


Buy groceries rather than dine out


Shop at a local grocery store to provide some of your meals and snacks each day. Many hotels offer their guests complimentary breakfasts during their stay. Be sure to take advantage of this deal if it’s offered! When dining out, do so during lunch hours to receive special offers and discounts.


It’s unnecessary to go into debt or exhaust your life’s savings just to have a good time when you travel. These simple, money-saving tricks will help you stick to your budget, even when you’re on vacation!




Save money for your traveling


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  • Conclusion

  • My travel experiences are like warm hugs on a gloomy day. My mind and heart overflow with joy as I remember each travel destination.


  • I am grateful to have a lifetime of travel memories. 


  • I am thankful I have the ability to see the world, meet new people, and discover a different way of life.


  • My travel experiences help me see things in a new light. They show me how each part of the world has its own unique features.


  • Each of my trips is a joy in my mind. It restores my faith in this planet and people. It helps me appreciate my life even more as I see how others live.


  • I know my travels are a crucial part of my growth as a person. 


  • All of my travel excursions teach me new things about myself and family. They reveal hidden parts of our personalities and spirits. They show us how we react in different and unusual situations.


  • I am happy to see the world and travel to new destinations.


  • My travels help me understand history, culture, art, food, and other new ideas. They make me a stronger, more confident person who can achieve new things.


  • Today, I value my travel experiences and see how they shape my spirit and heart as I grow and change.


  • Self-Reflection Questions:
        1. How can I find time for travel while being busy with work and other duties?
        2. What can I do to balance out the negative travel memories that occur?
        3. How can I share my positive travel memories with others?

If you have any, I mean ANY questions about this subject, drop your question below and I will be happy to answer them.


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5 Replies to “How Can I Actually Save Money On Travel Expenses”

  1. I love travel and all things associated with travel. I, too, if I am not able to take a trip elsewhere like to explore places near me or just book a hotel stay. Here we call them staycations. Everyone needs and deserves time away from their every day schedule. It’s great for the soul. Traveling abroad definitely broadens outlooks and perspectives on our own lives as we learn to become citizens of the world.

  2. Thank you for the great article!
    I was already applying a few of the tips. For example, we usually go on winter-vacation in January right after NYE, as the prices are lower than in peak.
    I always exceed the budget though when on vacation, so I hope your tips will help me stick to it 🙂

  3. Thank you for a great article full of very helpful tips to save money on travel expenses.

    I have been very fortunate in my life to have spent 5 years flying around the world and being paid to do that however even 5 years of continuous traveling was not enough time to explore fully this wonderful planet we call Earth.

    Traveling and experiencing different cultures really does enrich your life and when you actually see how a lot of people live in the world it makes you realize just how lucky you are to have what you have.

    Using the tips you have provided traveling really need not cost much and the wonderful memories do last a lifetime.

  4. A great article. Thankyou for sharing and helping people save money on there travel expenses.
    I love traveling, and now probably more than ever, travel has become more expensive but there is some great tips in your article to help me. As you say, considering your travel time is important as you find that prices fluctuate.
    Anyone wanting to fly should check this article out first, as they’ll find some gems which will save them money.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, saving money for your travelling it is quite easy. When I am travelling, I prefer to enjoy my stay not to be stressed about everything. So, on my last trip, I started to think how can I enjoy my holiday, and I am not sorry. I really enjoyed my weekend, I saved money and I did everything I wanted with less money. Just plan before

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