EC Technology 22400mAH Power Bank Review

EC Technology 22400mAH Power Bank

£ 22.29

Power capabilities


Recharge time





  • 3xUSB output ports
  • It has a huge power capabilities
  • Strongly made
  • Has a good value


  • Not the lightest device and is too big
  • Not for everybody taste
  • The flashlight could be made more powerful

EC Technology 22400mAH Power Bank Review

Power Bank Product Overview

If you are like me, travelling and taking lots of photos or use your phone for mapping your walk, you may need to have a power bank. A power bank is a device which contains a battery that acts as an external charger for some electronic devices.

Most of the time I am using my phone as a GPS in the car, so the phone battery goes off quickly. In my walks, I always have a printed map for the route, but even so, sometimes my friends and I get lost because the maps are not much detailed for walks. With my phone off, it can take longer for us to find our way back to the route using the printed map, which can be very confusing to begin with, hence the getting lost experience.

To avoid something like this story, you better invest in a power bank. For me, after doing a lot of research, I come across with EC Technology 22400mAH and I can say how much this is helping me in my trips. THIS IS A GREAT PURCHASE. I have it for a few weeks now and it is a very good battery pack. I can recharge my phone all day long as I like to take a lot of pictures and videos.

It keeps its charging capacity for longer and I believe this is an important key feature in identifying a good quality product. Nevertheless, the size of it is very important and useful as it is not taking up space in my backpack so it is perfect to have it everywhere and easy to reach every time I need it.

What Is A Power Bank?

It is a device designed to recharge all electronic gadgets when you are away, travelling and you do not have access to a regular wall charger. The size of power back differs from one manufacturer to another and from one capacity to another. The definition is quite simple

A power back is a rechargeable battery that can be used to charge other electronic devices.

However, power banks can have some pretty complex technologies built-in.

According to Wikipedia a power back is battery charger or recharger, is a device used to put energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it.

How Power Banks Works?

EC Technology 22400mAH Power Bank Review

This upgraded version has a lot more battery life than the basic one. If you are travelling a lot, this device will be your best friend. With EC Technology you don’t have to be worried that your phone or any other device will run out of power. But you must check your power back before you are leaving to be fully charged.

The power bank works just like any other rechargeable batteries. So the basic is just like this: they store the energy to the maximum capacity and then it releases it when connected to another device. The capacity and charging speed is more than enough. EC Technology power bank has the capacity of 22400mAH and you could charge your devices. See in the picture below

EC Technology 22400mAH Power Bank Review

….and the list goes on. 

EC Technology 22400mAH Power Bank Review

The EC Technology 22400mAH Power Bank has 3 USB output ports which are a must-have if you are heavy users and you need to charge simultaneously multiple devices. It is equipped with AUTO IC technology which will recognise your type of device and it will help to deliver the fastest possible charge speed.

The EC Technology 22400mAH Power Bank recharges with a 2 amp charger and it may take up to 12 hours. So it is better to prepare in advance for your trip. Try to charge the battery with a 2 day before your departure. 

The Design

The EC Technology 22400mAH Power Bank comes in three colours, the main part of the body is black and it has a red or blue stripe and another one it has the main part white and the strip is black. Except for the fact that is a bit heavy, it is easy to hold due to its rounded edges, the plastic body feels solid and well made.

EC Technology 22400mAH Power Bank Review

Another strong feature of the EC Technology 224000mAH is the four LED power light which indicates the charge level of how much battery you still have and this will help you to plan accordingly for your next trip.  Also, for some users, there is a flashlight above the output, which is not great but is very capable of short distance, like when you have to use your key to open the door and you can not see anything. This small flashlight it will solve this problem for you. 

Technical Details

Capacity – 22400mAH/82.8 WH – mAH it stands for milliAmpere Hours which is the capacity of the power bank. The bigger the mAH the more devices you can charge with it.

Input – 5V / 2A  means that the input voltage, to recharge the battery is 5 volts of direct current. 2A is the amount of amperage that is suggested to recharge the battery.

Max output – 5V / 3.4 A ( Auto IV) – the output refers to the charging that is done to an external device. As an example, if a smartphone is connected to a power bank that smartphone is charging at 5 volts and 2.0 Amps

Recharge time – 12 -16 hours

What Is A mAH?

mAh stands for Milliamps Hour. Milliamps Hour is 1/1000th of an Amp Hour, so a 1000mAh = 1.0Ah. Milliamps Hour (mAh) is important because it’s the easiest way to distinguish the strength or capacity of a battery.



Overall, EC Technology 22400mAH Power Bank is a great device.

If you are a person, like many of my friends, who is not very technology-oriented and you just want to know the usefulness in just a few words then my opinion is that this device can be one of the best items to have in your backpack if you are using other pieces of technology such as smartphone, iPad and iwatch.

But remember, while it’s a perfect ‘need to have item’ when you are travelling, it is not handy to have it daily in your purse due to its weight.


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  1. Oh wow that is such a cool power bank ! I really love the clean design of it. I now have 2 power banks, one that’s basically not usable because it dies so quickly and another one that is alright but not great. It would be great having an extra one just in case and the EC technology is also really cheap ! Really great product. 

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