Discover A Beautiful Route That Will Make You Go Again

Lately, it has been given a lot of attention and was talked about our mental and physical health everywhere we turned.  It’s been on TV, radio, the newspapers, we even hear about it at social encounters. Hence, we can all appreciate the importance of taking care of our mental and physical health.

And, as a Danish proverb reminds us: ' Fresh air keeps the doctor poor.' we should all get as much fresh air as possible. Click To Tweet

One of the main tool recommended is walking, as it is easy and handy to all of us, except those incapacitated. But even for those being in a wheelchair, going outdoor is a wonderful way to spend the time with friends and family, surrounded by nature and looking after our mental health.

It is well researched and confirmed the fact that being outdoor lifts the spirit, makes us smile more and brings lots of joy, especially if accompanied by loved ones.

Recent research shows that spending time in nature, especially in forests, parks or anywhere there are trees contributes greatly to our mental health. This reason alone I think is a great motivator. So go out there and enjoy!!!!

Our brain is one of the most important parts of our body, and it is crucial to keep it young and going. Studies show that regular activities, especially walking often and for long distances, improve memory and ingenuity. The fresh air helps to calm the conscious mind and brings out new ideas, which sometimes are well hidden under all the mundane clutter of our mind. So, do your brain and yourself a favour and go walking to start to get rid of the unnecessary thoughts and clutter and freshen up with new ideas for a better, happier you.

It has been proven by numerous studies that during long walks a brain capacity, called Neuro-plasticity, is put into operation and helps us to evolve and self-develop.

Whether you want to walk for health, or to quiet your mind or simply want to walk just for fun Cleeve Hill might be the best option for you. It is relatively easy to climb and once at the top, it gives you a spectacular view.

Benches along the top it gives you just the right opportunity to stop and relax, breathing in the fresh air and unwind while listening to the birds singing.

Furthermore, you will find that is not crowded at all, which means that you can sink in your thoughts without fearing the interruption of other ramblers.

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A Short Introduction Of The Area

Middle Littleton is a conservation area due to its history and the archaeological remains, which show Neolithic activity, as well as evidence of occupation during the Iron Age and Roman period.

Middle Littleton, as well as the surrounding villages,  show their strong links to agriculture and stands as a witness to its long and great history. Tithe Barn is a Grade 1 Listed 14th
Century building and you can admire it’s beautiful and well-preserved structure before or after you walk up the hill.

Cleeve Hill is a Nature Conservation Area due to the wildflowers growing there but also because it is home to wonderful butterflies.

There are also breathtaking views over the Vale of Evesham, The Malvern, Bredon Hill and Shropshire Hills. Cleeve Hill runs along close to the beautiful river Avon, giving you a lovely opportunity for a riverside walk.


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We arrived in Middle Littleton on a February Saturday morning and parked outside the village hall. Village hall car park is only for the hall users and not for those who are visiting the surroundings. Therefore you need to look for a good spot to park on the street, or if you are lucky you’ll find available one of the spots right outside the village hall gate.

Important Information

There are no public toilets en route.

Eat and drink: The Ivy Inn at North Littleton and Fish & Anchor Inn at Offenham.

Most of the route is not wheelchair accessible.

But one of the best parts is, the one by the river, starting with the Offenham Park Caravan site (you will need to have the car gate open to going through) and up to the weir and log cabin for sure. It would be quite challenging after that.

Unfortunately, there are no public car parks nearby, so you will need to be dropped off and picked up. The nearest car park is at Fish & Anchor Inn, for its customers or Offenham Park Caravan site if you choose to rent for a longer stay.

Wifi signal: extremely good signal coverage from  O2 all the way the entire route. So if you need to be reached or you just want to ‘feel’ connected and share your experience as you go then you are ‘covered’. If you are normally cautious with using the phone to preserve the battery life you can opt for a power bank so you won’t need to hold back on your experience.  You can opt and carry with you a Power Bank.

Route distance: approximately 4.5 miles

Minimum time: 2 hours. Allow more if you want to stay longer to enjoy views. There are wood benches on the way for rest and scenery appreciation. Therefore, if weather permits you will find yourself absorbed by the gorgeous view – so try to not rush it and just enjoy being there.

The Route And The Experience

We started our adventure at 9.45 am turning left on School Lane, heading towards Cleeve Road (B4085).

After crossing the road we took the stony track, just slightly to the left and neighboured by the Kanes Food property.

At the top of the track, the footpath on the left by the iron gate led us through the Windmill Hill Nature Reserve and went over two stiles.

We walked through peaceful nature until we reached a wooden bench by a tree, and used this opportunity to have a little rest and enjoy the beautiful landscape before us.

Fields showing the first signs of spring, with its amazing colours of earthy colour combined with greens of early days of baby wheat.

When ready to resume the walk, we took the footpath in front of us and descended steeply to the next stile and then a gentle walk over the field to the B4510 Road.

Crossing the road, there was a footpath sign for ‘Cleeve Prior’. The footpath took us through the Offenham Park caravan site, followed by a gate that led onto a stone track beside the River Avon.

The walk by the river was amazing. The beautiful nature and peaceful walk in the lovely weather, with lots of sunny spells, made the experience unforgettable and the trail, one that we would love to return too.

Lovely birds singing combined with other far away from noises, such as cars and aeroplanes, sound like a symphony of the modern busy life played in the background and the natural habitat being the star of the day.

It felt just like a perfect way to quiet your brain after a busy week of work and get energised for the next one.

The river brought us beautiful sights of lots of playful ducks enjoying the gorgeous weather in their clouded greenish water.

The track led us to a weir on the river with a log cabin to its right. We could hear the sound made by the weir like a waterfall from far away. It was amazing and the sounds felt so therapeutic combined with the birds singing and the sunny sky, we felt that we could stay there all day, with the eyes clothes and just ‘be’.

To continue our adventure, the path on the left of the log cabin was taken and in a couple of meters, we rejoined the walk by the river following the wonderful way through gate free pastures (approximately just over 1 km).

Few metres to the right, just before parting with the river, surrounded by some beautiful trees there is the Stubbs Pool Fishery.

There was a gate fallen to the ground. This would have been the last gate to go through before ascending steeply to the right, leaving the riverside.

At the top of this steep walk, there was a small green opening (almost like a triangle junction) where we turn sharply to the right and followed that path until the B5410 road was reached.

The path leading to the road was so charming looking like a very long kissing gate made by nature. It was a lovely walk that reminded me of ‘Capability’ Brown style, where you never knew what to expect around the corner.

After we crossed the road, there was a Bridleway sign on the right that took us upwards for about 70 metres to a gate that led to the nature reserve.

Following the contouring path and going through a couple of gates we got back to the same spot with the wooden bench where we first stopped and admired the view. From here, we just followed the route back to the place we parked the car.

Few Tips

Of course, we need to remember that this is England, with its unpredictable or quickly changing weather so it is wise to dress appropriately.

Go for layers instead of warm, think one-piece garment. In this way, it is much easier to add on or take off as the weather changes.

Do not forget waterproofing yourself.

Also, the area is a lovely place and there are lots of nice spots perfect for picnics, so pack a launch and make a day out of your visit – You will not regret it. However, if you are rather a more pub launch oriented type of person, then you have quite a few goods chooses along the way. Couple of them are mentioned above, in the ‘Important Information’ section, but you can also browse on your way there while you driving.

Final Thoughts

On the way, there were also a couple of trees blossoming and shining under the sunny spells. In addition, a couple of friendly dogs made us smile with their enjoyment.

Overall, it was a wonderful day, spent with friends in a very lovely setting. The area is beautiful and the route described above is only one of the many that are around there.

This particular route was chosen because it has many features, such as easy walk with a few gentle ups and downs, the footpath covers a variety of characters with portions of the walk is by the river, others through tree populated areas and pastures and lastly but not least high elevation from where fine views pleasure the eye.

'It does good also to take walks out of doors, that our spirits may be raised and refreshed by the open air and fresh breeze...' Seneca. Click To Tweet

Overall, it was a wonderful day. at the end of the day, we all felt refreshed, energised and ready for the workweek that laid ahead. Lastly, but not least, it was a peaceful and happy inside feeling of achievement and the sense of a day very well spent.

I totally recommend having a go walking on the beautiful route along Cleeve Hill. You must walk it to feel it and fully understand (and hopefully agree) what we talked about in this article.

Hope that you enjoyed reading and seeing the photos about our walking travel adventure and inspired you to embark on your own new adventure.

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Thank you

Until the next time,

Yours, Oana and Paula

10 Replies to “Discover A Beautiful Route That Will Make You Go Again”

  1. wow! such beauty and awesomeness. For what is worth, this is really awesome and I really like it. To be honest, I have never discovered anything closer to this before. Seeing the way you have done the analysis and the beauty that was attached to being here is really great. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all. I hope I can discover my paradise route to soon.

  2. Wow, I’ve really been entertained by reading through this interesting article, your experience has given me a great deal of insight about how it looks over there. It’s very true that walking is a very good and beneficial activity to engage in as it offers a lot of things and mostly,it brings is closer to nature. Thanks for the tips on how conduct and how to dress during our visit, it’s very useful.

    1. Hi Wildecoll. Yes, walking is my favourite type of exercise. I enjoy my walks, and every time I am out in the woods I feel so happy. 

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hello Paola, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. My wife and I enjoy walking in the morning but honestly, we never have our favorite route. I must show her this article so we can both decide which one to chose, I really like it, learning something new is definitely great.

    1. Hi Danijel. Definitely you must have a favourite route. Sometimes when I am not able to go away, I always go back to my favourite place.

      Thank you for your comment

  4. I think you’ve got a realy nice set up on this page it definitely brings back memories of hiking at Stone Mountain Georgia and White water falls in South Carolina wich are some beautiful places If you ever get the chance to go it’s definitely worth it and your right walking has great health benefits and is truly an experience like no other 

    1. Hi Jonathon. Yes, I would love one day to go hiking and walking in the US. I have a big list of the places I want to visit in the US. 

  5. Hey thank you for the awesome post!! This post is great in my mind because it actually talks about a part of us we often forget because we are so focused on our physical health, amd that is our brain!  This is a helpful reminder that walking does more than give physical benefits, but also has some great mental ones too!

    1. Hi Jessie, thank you for your comment. Yes, sometimes we forget that without a healthy brain we can not have a healthy body. Out there, are many other types of exercises, but from my experience, walking is the best.  

  6. Great post!
    I like the sound of this area because there is a lot to explore.
    You give a ton of helpful information for anyone who visits this area and wants to be prepared.
    I like to hike and explore new trails. I live right next to a National Park and go on shorter hikes there often because it can be so nice to find a trail where there is no one else around.
    Being able to explore and be in nature can be a powerfully positive experience.
    This route that you went on sounds like a perfect day hike and it looks like the weather was great too.
    Thanks for all the useful information about this area!

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