Day trips

There are so many beautiful places all around us, no matter where we live. With the beautiful mild weather of England, it makes it possible to have day trips all year around. Because we live in Worcestershire, we started our adventure by exploring the nearby. If you are lucky enough to live close to this amazing county than you have already probably been or at least heard of the places we describe, otherwise, hope that you will fall in love with them and come to explore them as soon as possible.

Our plan is first to explore the United Kingdom as much as possible starting with Worcestershire and expanding towards the borders and continuing with the rest of Europe and hopefully the whole world. Our planet is so amazing. Enjoy it!

As you will see our style of sharing our adventures might seem a bit maybe too descriptive when we talk in some parts about the route. Longtime explorers might find it perhaps boring or unnecessary as they are very good with maps and have many exploring skills, but we ask them to bear with us and sympathise with our notion of including everybody in the process. We want to encourage everybody to start walking and get an interest in their health.

To start your adventure you only need to start with one step. Go for it! We’ll meet you on the way.