Crosstour Action Camera 4K16MP WiFi Review -It Is Worth Buying It?

Crosstour Action Camera 4K 16MP WiFi




Great action photo quality


Brilliant price


Solid design



  • Huge bundle of accessories
  • Great action photo quality
  • Brilliant price
  • Solid case design
  • Great video quality


  • sometimes capturing audio it can be a chanllenge
  • Feels fragile out of the case


Don’t miss anything during your adventures! Surprise your friends and family with them. Crosstour Action Camera 4K 16MP Wifi can help you with that. This is a camera that you can take it with you everywhere you go. It is small and light.

Crosstour Action Camera 4K it is ideal to achieve spectacular videos no matter what sports activities you are into or wherever you go to travel. It’s recommended for ski, cycling, skateboard, swimming, hiking, surfing, diving etc. Also, you can use it in your car or bike.

It has decent image quality and it comes with some accessories for your needs.

Product Description

This is the best alternative for your outdoor activities if you are short of money.
Crosstour Action Camera is 4k UHD video & 16MP Photo. 4 K video resolution is HD video that has four times the resolution of 1080p HD video. This is a video made with my camera. The clarity and sound are perfect. You can find another video made with Crosstour Action Camera 4K 16MP WiFi here

Crosstour Action Camera 4k 16MP WiFi It’s a modern – fashioned model of action camera sports designed for physically active people who want to immortalize the moments of their activities. The quality of the video, picture, the sound is good but will be better when you will play it on your computer. These are pictures I took with my Crosstour Camera.

This small camera has everything you need for all the important moments of your life. The Micro SD card is not included, so I have bought SanDisk Ultra 32GB which is perfect for what I need. Also, you may need a Micro SD Card Reader.

Crosstour Action Camera 4K 16MP WiFi Features

  • Built-in WiFi Connection – You can reach up to 10 m signal but, firstly you need to download on your smartphone the iSmart DV app. The App is compatible with Android and iOS system. After installation, check your camera’s ID and then set a WiFi password. The password is 12345678 but you can change it if you want to have more protection.
  • Ultra HD 4K 16MP Resolution – With this Ultra HD video/photo you can record the most the best moments of your sports activities.
  • 2.4 GHz Wrist Remote Control – You can take photos and videos only by pressing the video/photo button and in this way you have full camera control.
  • 98 Feet / 30 meters Waterproof – the camera comes with a well-made waterproof case. It is able to bear any pressure underwater and provide excellent protection for your camera.
  • Self Time Mode – You need to go to settings and then select Time Lapse. There you choose 2s,3s,5s,10s,20s,30s,60s timer photography which gives you plenty of time to prepare.
  • Burst Photo – You can choose between sports mode and continuous high-speed mode and in this way you will be able to select the best photo.

Crosstour Action Camera 4k 16MP WiFi Accessories

The camera comes with a set of accessories, such as:

  • 2*1050 mAH batteries
  • Remote control
  • Mounting kits
  • Various straps and fixed base
  • Has CE, FCC, RoHS certificate
  • 12 months guarantee


Crosstour Action Camera 4k 16Mp WiFi is a very small photo/video camera specially designed to capture all of your favourite moments. The available accessories allow you to attach the camera on the bike, on the helmet, on the car and in the car, and so on. It is a perfect camera for your adventurous needs.


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Oana & Paula

6 Replies to “Crosstour Action Camera 4K16MP WiFi Review -It Is Worth Buying It?”

  1. This is just the sort of thing I have been looking for to use own my bike tours. I watched the video you provided and the quality looks quite good. When the rooster crowed on the video, my cat stood right up and started looking for it! My granddaughter kept asking me where the rooster was!

    As you listed some of the accessories, you included batteries. Are they the rechargeable type? If so, is there also a charger?

    This looks like an amazing little camera that can capture some of the things I see on my bike trips!

    1. Hi. Yes, the batteries are rechargeable and you will have a cable for charging. Hope that helps. If you need more info, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out. 

  2. Hi Oana, and thanks for writing this great article. When I first saw the price of this camera at the start of your review, I must say I was quite impressed with all the features this camera has! You mentioned that it’s great for skiing, swimming, surfing and diving. I suppose that means it’s O.K. if it gets wet? 

    Fabulous video too, and a great way to show us the stunning vibrant images it shoots. Thanks again, I really enjoyed this review and I will be looking into buying one.


    1. Hi. When you buy the product you will the get the waterproof case for it. With that, you can go underwater for 30m, so that is quite impressive for a GoPro alternative.

  3. Thank you for the review. This camera seems to be for several users like me as I’m a travel lover and with my family we often visit nice places. We often go by car and as you mention this camera can be used for making good quality videos from the car. It’s also useful that it can be used underwater but this usage is not for me. How long – maximum – video recording can be made with this camera?

    1. Hi, not sure exactly how long the video recording can be made, as I haven’t used it yet for the purpose I have brought it in the first place. But, you should be able to save the videos in microSD card in 30 min segments. The life of batteries is 2h if you record the video at 1080P and the capacity of the Sd card is 2.4 h. I hope that helps. Let me know if you need more information about this product. 

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