Creepy Travel Halloween Story : The Hunting Ghost

Creepy Travel Halloween Story : The Hunting Ghost

We are in the month of Halloween festivity and the stories with ghosts are already beginning to scare people passionate with paranormal. Halloween Story is one activity that many people are doing during Halloween night.

For many people, the holidays are some of the best times of the year. They often mean a chance to take a little time off work, gather the family together, decorate, and basically just have fun. Having fun and happy times makes the day to day drudgery off every day that much more bearable.

Of course, some people dive into the holidays a little harder than others. And everyone has their own personal favourite,  some like Christmas with the lights and the gifts, others Easter with cuddly bunnies and chocolate eggs, and then there is Halloween, with scary costumes and more candy than you know what to do with. And for those who dive wholeheartedly into the holidays, accessories are just a part of the celebration.

But there are some people, who use Halloween as an opportunity to remind them of the horror stories that are running steadily on the Internet. Other people use Halloween as an opportunity to go to parties dressed up in all kinds of scary costumes. Some other people prefer to organise horror movie nights. I know some friends of mine that they prefer to organise walks for Halloween in the cemetery or to organise trips to visit empty and hailed places.

Halloween occupies an important place in the hearts of many people, especially the Americans and not even this pandemic may not break the holiday. Even so, many of the usual Halloween events all over the world have been cancelled that is why for this year I have decided to write a creepy story for this Halloween to keep the celebration alive as we are not allowed to go to any events at the moment.

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The Hunting Ghost: The Beginning

Creepy Travel Halloween Story : The Hunting Ghost

One night while I was travelling with my friends in England, I had to stay alone in the cottage as my friends have gone to some of their friends to celebrate their anniversary. After my friends left, I have locked the door and all the windows leaving one light on while on my own in my room started to watch some movie.

For about 1 hour I have enjoyed my movie. Then, suddenly the TV went off. I have looked to see if the electricity went off too, but everything else was working. I have tried to turn on the TV again, but I couldn’t. I thought that the Tv has broken. So, I have decided to read a book for a while and maybe I will fall asleep.

Suddenly there was a knocking in my window which was not possible as my room was situated at the first floor so I thought it just my imagination and I did not pay attention to it, continuing to read.

The thumping persisted, becoming louder and louder and then the window opened with a horrifying sound. A bit frightened, but at the same time trying to use my logic and saying to my self that it might be stormy outside I went to close the window and, there she was… A strange face was in the window. The face was white and the eyes were like the devil’s eyes. She started to laugh diabolically, looking straight into my frightened and troubled eyes. I did not know what to do. Should I scream? Should I run? I closed the window and I run under the bed.

My brain was working in a full capacity, looking for an explanation. This can’t happen,  it is not possible. I keep hearing the laugh. I screamed at that face and I told her to leave me alone.  ” Just go “

The face from the window stoped the laughs and with a strange voice she told me “Why? I will not go . It is going to be so fun” and then she started again the thumping and with her diabolically laugh. I started thinking that this is just a dream, that it is not true. Probably I fell asleep while I was reading. The thumping stopped and for a second I heard only the laugh. Then a silence like the silence in the grave was set in the room.

” Hmmm” it was just a dream. That is silly. I don’t believe in ghosts.

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The Hunting Ghost: She Is Coming In

Creepy Travel Halloween Story : The Hunting Ghost

This silence did not last long. Not sure if the laughing it is in my head or she is here again. Then, I heard some footsteps. Maybe there is somebody on the next cottage, maybe I should start to scream and they will hear me. But the sound of the footsteps is not like the normal ones. What if is that face? Who is she? Why is she at my room window? This is just a normal cottage, I haven’t read anything on the internet, not weird stories about a ghost or being a haunted place.

The footsteps are coming closer and my heart started to bit faster. I think it is somebody in my room. The footsteps are too close to be on the hallway. From the bed, I could see somebody walking towards my room. I could see only a silhouette moving towards me, but not walking, more like flying. It is the face. She is in my room. She is having a very long and black hair,  with black and devilish eyes and the smile, OMG, that is a horrifying smile.

She approached my bed and her face is coming down to me and she started to laugh again. I was so frightened, I felt like I was going to die. I wanted to scream for help, but the sounds froze in my throat. Suddenly I felt a cold hand on my right foot.

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  1. Hello there, that is for sharing this wonderful article and feel happy to have been here to see such a nice information. I have read and a witness some very funny scenarios during Halloween and I have I’m really scared for a while until in just got better and seeing all of this more just makes it really interesting as I have had some frost hand experience 

  2. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on creeepy travel Halloween story, the hunting ghost. I really enjoyed the read because I love creepy stories. People find it weird but it’s just very relaxing for me. This would be a perfect read on Halloween, so I’ll bookmark it. I also love the illustrations, thank you 

  3. Wow… Very creepy indeed. I did get the chills a bit when reading this fun and interesting creepy Halloween travels article. Thanks for this entertaining article. I did have fun reading it and I feel amazing. I think I would share this article with my friends and loved ones too. 

  4. Thank you for sharing this here. Having a story like this can serve as a means of entertainment during the Halloween period if you have lesser costume. Hence, if you have so much more in here, it just makes a whole lot of sense in all and I just frankly value this all here. Thanks for sharing all here though. Thanks

  5. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this thrilling Halloween story with us. As a fan of horror, I must say that your story is really nice and I enjoyed every bit of it, I liked how you paid attention to detail, i just shared it with my friends and close people, i know they’ll definitely enjoy it as well. Thank again for this Halloween story 

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