Best Reasons To Start Walking ( With Video)

Nowadays, people are so caught up in their daily chores that walking, relaxation and exploring the unknown comes last on the ‘to do’ list. Yet, walking is one of the best exercises out there, and can be done by everyone and everywhere no matter the age and no matter the circumstances.

It is done and can be done when walking to your car, or bus, to work, to shops or just a stroll in the park walking your dog or meeting up friends.

However, sadly, people tend to look for options to cut down the distance of walking more and more: are desperate to park closer to the door, shop online more, etc. forgetting the true benefits of walking.


In the last decades, and even more and more in the last couple of years researchers draw attention to the dangers that physical inactivity has on the human body and mind and highlight the urgency of exercise to prevent and fight illnesses.

The best, easiest and cost-effective form of exercise is walking. This form of activity is accessible to every one of us, no matter the age or location. We can all find ways to enjoy walks.

Walking is man’s best medicine’ Hippocrates. Click To Tweet

Walking Benefits For Mental Health

  • Improves self-perception and self-esteem
  • Improves mood and sleep quality
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Reduces symptoms of depression. The Best antidote.
  • Improves memory and prevent strokes
  • Reduces the risk of cognitive decline and dementia
  • In older people, can improve cognitive function, memory, attention and processing speed


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Walking Benefits For A Healthy Body

  • Reduces the risk of illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke
  • Helps you maintain a healthy weight. Help lose weight and tone your body
  • Improves blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Helps you build healthy bones and toned muscles
  • Improves balance and reduces the risk of falls
  • Increases life expectancy and reduces mortality
  • Increases metabolism and strengthens the immune system

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Other Benefits Of Walking

  • Improves your social life. Expand your social group by joining walking groups – people that share your values and interest. Be surrounded by people that make you happy and helps you grow.
  • Meet the one. Bygones are the times when it was relatively easy to meet the one that makes your heart skip. The age of technology ‘pushed us’ into isolation with research showing an increase in loneliness among each age group, especially the younger ones. Going out for a walk will definitely increase the chances of meeting that special one.
  • Helps when dealing with grief. It helps to walk it off. Only time can heal but walking can make it better. Helps you see it from a different perspective and gives you the opportunity to meet other people who might help you with your grief by giving you advice or just listen. Some say that talking about it (especially to a relative stranger) helps a lot; and not only because someone is listening, but because saying things out loud helps you understand better where are you standing within that situation so you can come up quickly with solutions and steps on how to move on. It is totally worth a try – it’s free and you have nothing to lose but only to gain.


Such An Easy Activity With Such A Huge Positive Result

Dementia, stroke, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and depression are only a few illnesses that we hear about daily or maybe are part of our life and kind of terrify us.

Researchers after researchers proved that the simple act of walking brings numerous health benefits to our body. Only a few minutes a day help to transform your health, body and mind into a positive outcome.

Walking can reduce pain, and improve function, mobility, mood and quality of life, without worsening symptoms.


Walking promotes relaxation, fights and prevents anxiety, depression, dementia, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The more you walk the more energetic and in a better mood you will feel.

…And never forget:

‘No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.’ Unknown Click To Tweet

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16 Replies to “Best Reasons To Start Walking ( With Video)”

  1. I do believe that getting out for a walk of at least a mile or is more beneficial then we think. I have to laugh when I see people park as close to the entrance of a mall, just to go inside for a walk. Makes no sense.
    A walk is a good place to start for someone looking to lose weight. Eventually, that walk could pick up speed to become more beneficial.

    1. Thank you, Ken, yes walking is so beneficial for our body and it is a good start if you want to lose some weight. 1/2 miles per day is all you need when you start your plan.

  2. I love the quote at the end! Walking is, indeed, the best exercise out there. I call it my “mental health therapy”. Osteoarthritis has slowed me down recently, but walking keeps me from getting stiff and it makes me happy. Although I cannot walk as far, as fast, or as long as I used to and I cannot climb hills, I still benefit in other ways.

  3. I LITERALLY just told my mom tonight at dinner to start walking again. She’s been concerned with some weight gain. She has a stressful job and all of us (myself included) oftentimes don’t eat the best foods. I told her to at least on her days off stop by the park that’s 1/2 mile away with my dad and walk around the lake a couple of times. Like you said, walking is not only good exercise but it also gives you time to be out in nature and helps you relax. The lake is always nice to look at too, especially having the ducks and geese around to watch for entertainment.

  4. I think that is a really important information, walking is really important, people thinks only Intense exercise can help them health, but if you walking at the park or some place near your home, it always help your health more than you can thought.
    Thank you for the information!

    1. Thank you. There are still people which don’t think walking a few miles per day will help them with any health problems they may have. And it is really sad to see people struggling day by day with their problems when a simple walk in the park can make their life easier.

  5. I love this post, because I love to walk. In my travels I do as much walking as possible, not only because it’s healthy, but because allows me to enjoy the beauty of each place even more. Thanks for bringing awareness to the world of the importance of walking.

  6. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for about walking and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for best reasons to start walking.

    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to read your new posts.)


  7. This is something I need to make a commitment to do more often. I workout regularly, but it’s often in the gym so with spring around the corner (isn’t it great to say that?) there are two trails near me that I can spend time walking. There’s the Panhandle and Montour.

    For me, it’s not as much for health reasons since again, I workout regularly and my job is also a workout within itself, but for social reasons. I’m a writer as well, so when I’m not at work or working out in a gym, I’m at home or in a library writing, often keeping to myself.

    I’m nowhere near a lonely person, being around people all day long, but I can stand to increase my friends network substantially.

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