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Hi everyone and welcome to our website named Walking Travel Adventures with Oana and Paula. We are good friends for over two decades now and travel is a hobby that we have in common (shared) from the beginning and is probably the foundation of our friendship.

Walking is a strong interest of ours since a young age and over the years grew more and more into a hobby and way of life.

Oana’s Story In A Nutshell

My first travel experiences started when I was 17 years old, as part of the church youngsters activities. Although I was reluctant at first to spend so many days away from home with a bunch of strangers, the trip turned out to be the best time of my life up until then. Before that, I could not understand why people would enjoy walking around when they could just hang around. During that trip, I made lots of friends with whom I have spent a lot of times travelling and exploring new places.

In my 20s I discovered photography and I just love combining the two most the greatest hobby’s of mine travel and capturing the best moments in images.

Paula’s Story In A Nutshell

Growing up, could not afford to travel further than the immediate surroundings of our village so I did all my adventurous exploration close by. But the dreams I had gone beyond the borders of my village, country and even continent promising myself that one day I will get to explore new frontiers.

So, I made a promise to myself that when I’ll grow up I will always look for new routes to explore and discover the beauty of this amazing world. Luckily I did. Furthermore, today I do not only appreciate all the beauty I see, but also the health benefits of walking and the happiness that brings when meeting new people along the way.

Share Our Research And Experiences

Growing up, both with many siblings, we had limited financial possibilities when it came to holidays and travel for pleasure. So we were always trying to find the best routes for the little money we had.

At the beginning of our adventures we were lacking the research and planning skills so the trips were felt on the edge of adventurous/risky business as many times we got lost and in danger of being trapped outdoor, unprepared and in unfamiliar places. Luckily, each experience brought us new perspectives and helped us learn how to research and plan beforehand. This helped us to outline a personal list with items that we need in order to enjoy the experience (maps, etc).

Over the years we have learned a lot about our individual strengths so we split the responsibilities best on that when we are planning travel. In this way, we are both enjoying not only walking but also using our best skills. Paula is very good at research and planning, whereas Oana is best involving photography, capturing the amazing scenery.

Research. Compare. Decide.

Today, via the internet, is offered a variety of routes for walking. Some of them are thoroughly done, whereas others reflect more of a personal outlining which can create confusion when following those maps. For example, if someone is very familiar with the place might not always include all the turnings or every up and down of the road but only the main points. So, when one visits the place following those notes might feel lost if there are small lanes visible in reality but not mentioned on the map. Therefore, detailed research will save you from lots of headaches when you only are looking for fun and relaxation.

The more you can research, the more you can compare, the best you can decide.

All the best,

Oana & Paula

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