10 Things You Must Know Before You Start Walking Routine


10 Things You Must Know Before You Start Walking Routine


‘Do not wait; the time will never be ’just right’. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.’ Napoleon Hill Click To Tweet


Every day, every cell in your body is working perfectly with each other. You can not see how our body is working but we know for sure that our body and brain know what to do to and when to make us work properly. We can say it is like a body watch is like an internal mechanism that tells you when we are feeling sleepy or hungry but sometimes this is more than that.


You can arrange your day according to your body clock and adjust your daily success. All you have to do is to start planing your walking workout routine and adjust it to your needs.


We can all appreciate that all the beginnings are a bit challenging and if possible we put off the start of it as much as possible. Starting a walking routine definitely fit into the delaying part especially a walking routine for beginners.


If you are new to walking and you would love to start a routine but you do not know how or where to start, you are in the right place. Many of us have been in your shoes and I hope that you would find the information in this article useful to you, as it is a kind response to the questions raised and challenges met when I was struggling to start a walking routine.


However, if you are not a beginner but you hit that point where the monotony settled in and you want ideas to spice up your walking workout routine, then look no more as I think we might have the ideas to help you challenge yourself.


Whether you are thinking to start your walking routine solo or accompanied, as a beginner or a long time rambler it is always fun and modern to think about a walking route planner.


Of course, not everybody finds them necessary but you can always have a look on the internet and see if it is an option that you might want to explore. Nowadays, you can also install on your mobile a walking route planner app to help you navigate wherever you decide to start your walking routine.



Final Note

Do not give up once you started on your journey of improvements. Think about this: If a toddler would give up after the first fall, he would never learn to walk. So do not pay attention to any of  routine fallback. Just pick yourself up the next day and start again. Practice makes perfect.

In today’s world there is a continuous movement, hectic life and seem that is never enough time. But if we want to be happy, each of us can make time once a day for our wellbeing. One hour a day for each of us, to relax and enjoy being, to be grateful for everything we have in our life and dream of more. Remember what Henri Frédéric Amiel said once: “The man who has no inner life is the slave of his surroundings.” Click To Tweet

Be free and true to yourself. Start a walking routine to discover yourself and reshape your life.

No matter the weather the experience will be unforgettable. Get out there, experience the British weather. Rained on or blown away it only makes you feel alive and enjoy the iconic walks in many spectacular locations.

10 Things You Must Know Before You Start Walking Routine

As a final note just wanted to share with you a little bit of a joke in a quotation that I came across and thought that it will be a good ending for this article.

‘My grandmother started walking 5 miles a day when she was 60. She’s 97 today, and we don’t know where the heck she is.’ Ellen DeGeneres Click To Tweet

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Until next time,

Yours, Oana & Paula

12 Replies to “10 Things You Must Know Before You Start Walking Routine”

  1. These are some great tips and good advice on what to consider as you prepare to start a walking routine. The 10 you mention are all pertinent and helpful and as I read through each, I could not help comparing myself to what I am doing, whether good or bad for each.

    Most certainly getting out there and starting is the key first step. Too many talk the talk but never walk the walk (no pun intended). I have always been an advocate for getting exercise, but as I have gotten older, some of the more jarring type exercises are too much.

    Walking is an excellent exercise that anyone can do with no harm to their body, as long as they follow the guidelines that you mention. Dressing properly, picking a route that will keep you motivated, walking in groups if needed, and mixing up a brisk walk with ones that are less so all will help you get started and keep going. 

    I really enjoyed this post, I think you have motivated a lot of people with this great article on 10 things to do before you start a walking routine! 

    1. Hi Dave

      I love your comment.

      Before writing it I was worried that people might think that those tips are known by everyone as its common sense so I should not bother with it. But then I met a friend who said that she would love to start walking but she does not know where and how to start so she is always giving up even before starting. So, after telling her about my view and what it worked for me she worked out her routine and start walking. 

      I was so pleased that I knew I have to put it in an article. 


  2. Hi there,

    thanks for sharing a post on why starting to walk today.  

    I have tried to do it multiple times, but I cannot seem to get out of my chairs and start walking.  Ok, I am a principal and do quite a lot of walking during the school day, but it is not planned walking and I should be doing it.

    You state that it is important to start small and every single step is an improvement. 

    I think that is my major problem.  I want to achieve something big and then I end up not doing it anymore.  I want to walk 2 miles every day, and I do it for 2-3 weeks and then I find an excuse to not walk again, and slowly the routine is gone again.

    You mentioned some great tips to start walking today.  If only I would live in the city, I might consider walking for leisure, but I believe if I don’t walk on open land, I would likely not do it in the city again.

    Hope to improve soon,


    1. Hi Oscar

      Really nice to hear from you.

      My friend Paula has the same problem….get bored…I think this is what happens to you, too. 

      I would recommend you to try the following:

      – mixing up the routes (if you are not already doing that) so you will get excited about the unknown. 

      – use headphones and listen to something that you enjoy – in this way you won’t even realize all the walk you are having and will make you more relaxed.

      – find a friend, neighbour or family member to take on walks and catch up with them or just discuss the news.

      – get a dog – they are well known adorable companions and love to walk – if you do not do it for you will HAVE to do it for them.

      – check out the Meet Up group online – they organize walks and you can sign up – this will help you find new friends with the same interests and might lead to a private meet up, too. 

      Hope that the tips will be useful and please do not give up, especially with the spring coming. The outdoors are amazing ones the spring is here. 


  3. This is great advice and good timing too, depending on where you are and the weather your dealing with will make or break this deal for me LOL.

    In New Brunswick its still pretty snow-packed, I go out to feed and water my chickens daily and find its a little hard getting around on the hard snow but I am still taking in the smell and the crispness in the air.

    I am looking forward to when the roads are clear and suitable for a nice walk with my kids, there is no end to nature here and every experience is very uplifting.

    Where do you prefer to walk, in the city or in the great outdoors?

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Nice to hear from you. I am in Uk and the weather is ok, no snow :). I prefer to go great outdoor but my friend 

      Paula likes the city too. For me, around the city is too loud and too many people, but this is just me. Because this weekend, the weather was a bit horrible, a lot of rain and windy,  we did not plan anything so we went around the city. Even I don’t like walking around the city, I really enjoyed my walks. How about you?

  4. This is great. I love hiking, but also enjoy walking around town, window shopping. You are so right, just start! Your advice about good footwear is really helpful, especially if you are going hiking. Hiking is a great way to spend time with family and it doesn’t have to be super long or a particular hiking spot, just walking around the neighborhood can be a great way to spend time with each other and reconnect. Where are your favorite places to walk? 

    1. Hi Erin

      Thank you for your comment and pleased that you enjoyed our article.

      My favourite places to walk are by the river. I am very lucky to live in a city with River Severn going through it, so there is my perfect spot. I also enjoy parks and countryside. I guess anything that it is a bit far away from the street traffic, as the car noise really bothers me. 

      My friend, Oana, loves hiking on hills and mountains so we try to balance it. Easy walks by the river, city and nearby places that I love during the week, and over weekends we go for hills or mountains as are Oana’s favourites. 

      As you said, anywhere, even around the neighbourhood, is great as long you have a good company or just enjoying yourself on a solo walk with your thoughts. 

      Let’s keep walking and experience the beautiful nature.


  5. Hi Paula.

    What a great post. A few years ago I started a walking routine to help lose some weight. At first, I really struggled with motivation but I just kept kicking myself in the butt to do something.

    Fats forward a few years and I can’t imagine my life without my walks. Sometimes my wife comes along and we spend the time connecting and really discussing all sorts of things. This has strengthened our bond in a huge way. We spend more time really talking in depth about all manner of things.

    Other times I go by myself. Sometimes because I am feeling really lazy and other times simply because I want some me time. My longest single walk is about 35 klm’s in 6 hours.

    I highly recommend everyone find some time in their day to do a little walking. Your mind and body will thank you.

    All the best


    1. Hi Ian

      I love your feedback and I totally identify with you. I wasn’t a big walker myself a few years back. I can still remember trying to find any other options for travel or to get anywhere but not walk. 

      Thanks to my friend Oana who kept pushing me to walk I know love it and use every opportunity to walk as much as possible. 

      It is funny sometimes when I walk alone and meet an acquaintance that offers to give me a lift (thinking that my car broke or missed the bus) and I refuse saying that I chose to walk many of them look at me a bit shocked and ask ‘why do you want to walk?’.

      I love having a weekend a year on my own by the seaside, where I can walk for miles and just reflect on my life up to that day and make plans for the following year. It is just so renewing that I would love to have it more often. But, then I will miss out on spending time with my family and friends as there are just so many days in a year. 

      Keep up the walk and enjoy the spring.


  6. I liked the website. Lots of good tips and hints here, step by step route guide for the walks and plenty of good pictures. Would be impossible for some to get lost on these routes if they follow directions. 

    This is a subject I’m passionate enough about and have a business in the industry myself, so speaking from experience, yes on that side it’s not to be faulted. Or on any side really. I like the review of the power bank  too as it was full of all technical specifications and really went into the nitty gritty of the deice. 

    I’m wondering but about the 2 buttons though on your “route along cleeve hill” post giving me or any other visitor the option of tweeting about the power bank or the route? And wondering what’s to be gained from that for either party? Ok, if it’s personal friends you’d have do this to create traffic and discussion on your site, fair enough, and consider it done, but I just think the visitor will be thinking, 

    ” why would I want to do that? People I know will be asking me wha’s this all about, and I’ve no personal experience with either route or device”

    But then I don’t really do twitter much either, but am still always learning about it’s ins and outs myself. Does this somehow tie into the affiliate equation, so as to get more hits to your site and commissions? I’m just wondering about the rational behind these 2 buttons. 

    But on the whole, a nice and well put together website. A few more products with reviews like this for monetizing the site and you could be onto a winner. 

    Ps, for yourself.

    I’d recommend learning map reading and navigating skills myself, and could possibly teach you some day, or I’d be more than happy to send you some links where you can teach yourself, if you don’t know these skills already. I myself like to leave the devices behind as much as possible, just a thought, or an option.

     Leave the weight behind and go unplug in nature. The sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at being able to do this is well worth the time to learn and practice it with map and compass, and the rewards are priceless

    1. Hi Niall

      Thank you for your feedback. You made a couple of good points so it is very helpful.

      The 2 buttons you mentioned were added by mistake as we rushed a bit publishing it. But there will be buttons in the future as we enjoy using Twitter. However, the buttons will mainly be used for quotations so hope there will be no more confusion.

      I totally understand your point of view about the route being straight forward, but we felt the need to describe our route for two reasons:

      1. In our experience, some people, especially those that are new to walking in places new to them, are feeling more comfortable if they know exactly each turn before actually start walking. Some are not good at reading maps so they love having a piece of paper from where they read the way.  Also, some do not own a map or/and do not want to invest in one as they are only doing small spontaneous walks after seeing a picture that they liked. So, with most of the places, there are few routes overlapping each other and if you do not know the place and do not have a map it comes in handy to have read about a circular and just follow it through.

      2. I know people which do not leave their house without their phone or people who just love or need to be staying in touch with friends and family, so I guess it is important to think of them too when we are talking about travel. We are all different and personally, I am with you, the walking experience is so much rewarding with technology free, but technology is part of our life today so I feel we need to incorporate it in what we do.

      Good luck with your website and looking forward to more feedbacks.


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